We have been working with many print companies both which are extremely successful and which are struggling to grow, and were doing well for the first couple of years.

A few questions that we always ask the companies whom we help to streamline their Order Management, has helped us to understand why few printers are growing very fast and few are struggling. Answers to these can help you increase your Print Sales.

  1. Who are your key customers?
  2. Are they from one particular segment?
  3. How do you get new customers?
  4.  How do you have one customer from Education, other from Real Estate, and some other from a Pharma company?
  5. Have you bifurcated them based on the Print technology or the industry vertical?

We tried finding out from the companies who were struggling after their initial years, common aspects that resulted in their struggle. According to them, few of their customers have just walked in and few of them have come through references, resulting in a good growth for them in their initial years. This is their first challenge.

However, now they are unaware as to how to speed up their growth and take complete charge of their organization. As currently, they keep hoping that someone will walk in or refer them business.

The second, biggest challenge they face is that each customer comes with specific needs, and with changing technology, it indeed, gets very difficult to invest time to understand new needs and then invest in the technology.

Below are seven steps that can help you grow B2C, B2B and Reseller Print Sales. We have used one of our clients’ Case Study, who grew in all these aspects in the following ways:

I) Identifying a Niche:

Initially you might not have too many customers from varied backgrounds. To drive your own sales, you will need to decide on the target audience and for the same start focusing on your key accounts and why those accounts were buying from you. This is what our client did too. This helped him understand his strengths and decide on his niche target audience.

II) Where will I find my Niche Customers?

The second question was where will I find my niche customers and how do I build a database of ideal customers that I am good at handling already.

III) Communication Strategy: How to engage Niche Customers?

How do I engage my ideal prospects?

Creating Marketing content based on what my current customers’ challenges were.

In addition to the above, there were more:

  1. What are my current customers’ profiles and what are their objectives? How did we solve them?
  2. Why did they buy from us?
  3. What is their feedback?
  4. How can I help my target audience grow?

You can interact with your team, work on your own, take help of Marketing Consultants or contact OnPrintShop consultants who can help you with similar Success Stories.

IV) How to get the attention of my Niche Customers? – Multi-channel Marketing:

Understanding my target audience’s needs and based on the above answers, create a detailed plan, phase-wise to launch websites, varied kinds of videos, social media pages, presentations, training the Marketing Team on calling and engagement skills, etc. At every stage, customer and team feedbacks are critical to improve on your marketing strategy and proactively deal with objections.

V) Consistent Growth – Run Marketing Campaigns

Initially, the results might be challenging and you will keep doubting yourself, as to whether it will work or not. “Am I doing it right or not?” – will be your constant question. Most importantly, you need to be consistent with your efforts & give a minimum of 6 to 12 months to get some concrete results.

VI) Increase Referrals:

Another tried and tested way is to ask referrals from your happy customers. An effective way to grow your Print Sales.

VII) Stay Focused with Hardcore Discipline:

The above six steps need to be repeated time & again. Our customer has been undertaking more & newer avenues that he comes across, due to the regular exercise of the above steps. He has decided to stay focused on his core 3 strengths of business for this year, even though there are various other tempting options.

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