The path of success is well defined everywhere but where you go wrong and you fail is more important. It is always good to know your strengths but it is even better to know your weaknesses. Many printers use a web to print because they know about its benefits but they have no idea about this technology & how it will be used? Failure has its own parameters in a web to print. Below the blog, you can find out these parameters where you are misleading your path.

Why are you investing in Web2Print?

Failures are in your stars if you are not sure about the need for Web to Print. Many printers use Web2Print without having clear objective and business goal. For eg. What problem of target audience you plan to solve? Use it as Order Management or Sales Tool? How will it generate ROI? Why you need SAAS or License?

Do you really know your targeted audience?

Before using Web to Print make sure you know your targeted audience. Printers do not define it at the early stage and after getting into a web to print they realize they are not able to serve their customers. Which is another reason why they fail and end up quitting the solution.

Do you have the right business leadership?

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” – by John C. Maxwell

It is nicely said and has a true meaning. Business leaders can be the factor of your failure. Some printers do start Web2Print just to start a new technology without knowing the core knowledge of it. The leader should make sure that his members, as well as customers, should always get involved in the new solutions. If everybody will be concerned about the new solution then you will be more creative and grow in the print industry.

Are you choosing the right Web to Print?

Are you opting the right solution? This question can decide your success and failure. Do you have defined business needs? According to business needs do you have defined key features? Did you do POC? Did you discuss how support and solution upgrade works? What if you want to add new product or sales channel in future?

You should know, what are the critical points you should consider before going to any web to print solution?

Is your implementation correct?

Implementation is key as lots of PSP’s invest but is never able to go live. 50% implementation is guaranteed if you have involved your key sales team and customers while deciding the solution.

Second, detailed plan to start with print order management, getting existing customers online and processing every order through the system. Similarly, for using as a Sales tool, you need to know which product and target audience you want to engage.

Are your customers really getting engaged?

Your customers make you successful. If your customers are not able to connect with you or they are not able to use your new technology then you cannot be successful. Do you have strong support team to help them use new solution, take feedback? Are you able to understand their pain areas in using this new technology? To motivate them to use your solution you need to know their perspective. Continuously learn and improve your client engagement and offerings.

These are the factors which can cause failure. These are the basic failure pacts you need to break in order to make your own success story. Are you feeling fussy about your existing solution? If yes, then change your path. You can contact us for better solutions. We will be glad to grow your business.