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To help printers quickly launch, save money during implementation and maximize growth. OnPrintShop has launched Store Set-up Services, where you have an entire IT team working for you, helping you get your store live and drive success.

The majority of print companies across the globe fall under the SME segment and work with limited team sizes. The biggest challenges are managing between day-to-day activities and implementing new software to improve productivity and growth.

OnPrintShop works closely with Print companies, which are excited to invest in the new Print Order Management or Web2Print, but the challenge starts with implementing the solution and then using it in the day-to-day operations. Lots of our successful customers struggled initially and their projects delayed due to not hiring the right people or spending a lot of time and money on training and people resigning from their jobs.

The cost of delay of the project implementation has a direct impact on Sales and competition. As in the current time of fast-changing technology and client preferences, ‘go to market timing’ can define failure or success of any projects.

How to calculate “Cost of Delay” on your business?

1. Calculate the expected project’s weekly or monthly profit

2. Calculate approximate cost and time to implement it ‘in-house’ – Recruitment Cost, Training Cost, Learning Curve, Implementation Time, etc.

3. Calculate the cost of outsourcing, benefits and delivery time – Easily add & train manpower, only pay for actual time utilized, no stress of hiring