Do you know 68% customers want to get rid of vendors by whom customers don’t feel cared? Yes, it is true. As there are many services which can fulfil your needs but only a few are successful & liked by customers which really care about customers and think of building a trustworthy relationship.

A trustworthy relationship can only be built by a great support system. Today, Support is not about solving customer’s problem anymore. According to research, there are 86% of adults who are ready to pay more for a better customer experience. So support has become more about generation value for customers, keeping those customers updated with new trends.

In printing industry also, support comes out as a master key for printers. Be it a process of selecting web to print, giving the day to day support, using the technology in right way to grow business, updating you with latest trends of the industry, all these parameters are included in a Great Support System.

Printers buy web to print but struggle with:

  • New technology
  • Migration of existing set up to new set up
  • Real time Support
  • Current marketing trends.
  • Best usage of solution for business as well your customer growth
  • Integrations
  • Solution upgrades to stay ahead of competition

Printers, while you buy any web to print service, be sure you get a terrific support which will lead you to success.

Let me share an example of one of our clients who had a mind full of dilemmas about web to print solution. This is how our support members stood by his side to convert his dilemmas into a successful leading printer.

Color Digital Print Limited

Challenges OnPritnShop support
  • 7 Sites to Migrate
  • Complete Product Setup was done by us
  • Complex Pricing – Books, additional options
  • Additional Options & complex rule setup
  • Years of Data
  • Helped him launch quickly
  • Existing Client Orders
  • 10 different Combinations for prices
  • set the combinations of around 2.5 Million Exal Row records

Result driven support always makes customer happy. This is how OnPritnShop got appreciation from COLOR DIGITAL PRINT LIMITED.

“This team with the exemplary level of support we have received and the ongoing development of the software makes it very robust, solid solution.


As 90% companies in the global market have less than 25 people member team so their biggest challenge is to train manpower. These companies initial need help in setting up the store and most importantly ideas on the best practices. This is where we work as IT partner and consultant for our customers.

Are you also struggling to find the support system for your print business which can add value to your business? Then we would love to help you.

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