Over 30% YoY Growth for 3 Years with Specially Customized Web to Print Solution & Working as True IT Partners


“For over 16 years, Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group (PrintPPS) has been North America’s premier manufacturer of quality custom stationery products. Their quality services and their commitment to “Service is Everything” has earned them an outstanding A+ customer rating. Their manufacturing facilities are in New Mexico, Minnesota, New York and Florida. Serve throughout USA and Canada.”

For over 3 years, I have worked closely with OnPrintShop’s team of professionals. They have a unique way of taking my conceptual ideas and turn them into software functionality.


Dave Gaulden


Results In Numbers
Over 30%
Increase in Annualized Sales for 3 years consecutively
Reduction in Proof Exchange Proof, Rectify & Order are done online
Increase in Orders due to solution upgrades

Highly Customized to Business-Critical Needs :Our customization team developed their software requirements into easy to use features, so that they get the maximum out of using web-to-print solution.

Consistent Solution Upgrades :We proactively upgraded their customized solution with capabilities and process improvements in-line with the changes in market, customer preferences & technology developments.

Work as IT Partner :We worked closely to understand their requirements, deliver customized solution and also consult them for the next software opportunity, which could enhance their operations & customers’ experience.


PrintPPS had special requirements that do not apply to most other printing companies and which could not be catered using off-the-shelf web-to-print system. The primary objective was of finding a solution that would allow their customers to design stationery products online as well as upload a design they create offline. They required an IT partner who understood their requirements and implement them into an easy to use web2print software.

“We looked at several different potential partners, but found OnPrintShop offered the best program, flexibility and value” Gaulden remarked.

Solution Highlights

“OnPrintShop offered the best program, flexibility and value. They treat my business like it is their own and they consistently provide superior value and service.” said Gaulden.

Customized Product Page Layout for Ease of Ordering : which included step-wise assistance to place order, links to video tutorials, pricing at various order quantity levels and promotional coupons. Quick links for communication gave confidence to first-time online buyers & build reliability into the ordering experience.

Online Calculator for Unique Strategy :that could be personalized for each product with attributes that are specific to them. Customized admin panel allowed to mark mandatory fields as per their pricing strategy. Moreover, explanatory product attribute options made it quick and easy for clients to place the order.

Real-Time Shipping Price Calculation : from an exclusive web page wherein customers can try out various shipping price combinations for their order, and decide on the Shipping Type that’s most cost-effective for them.

“The decision to contract OnPrintShop in the December of 2011 has translated to an annualized sales increase of over 30% for each of the last three years and that sales growth trend is continuing into 2015.” Gaulden remarked about our collaboration.

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