Canadian Printer Increases Sales & Customer Communication And Reduces Labour in Order Processing by 90%


“Conveniently located in the heart of Kelowna, Rapid Printing has been proudly serving the Printing needs of Kelowna and the Central Okanagan businesses for over 35 years. They understand that customers have many choices when it comes to printing, signage and graphic design projects, however, Rapid Printing goes to great lengths to consistently provide superior quality, fast turnaround and service that is friendly, courteous and professional. In Short… if it’s important to you, you can rest assured that it is just as important to them.”

There is no need for an IT team to run your website. It’s easy to navigate and the online support options are great. You can communicate via chat, email, or telephone call. The 24-5 support means they work on your time zone when you need to communicate.




Results In Numbers
Human Labour Reduction in Order Processing
Customer Communication through the automated reply system
Online Sales

Increased Productivity :Productivity of the company was greatly enhanced because of the easy order processing

Reduction in Labour Cost:Automation in the order management helped the client in reducing labour and operation cost

Increase Repeat Orders:Ease of ordering helped the client to increase repeat sales and generate more revenue, thereby driving more success


Rapid Printing contacted OnPrintShop with a vision to go online and simplify ordering and reordering for their customers. They had been using multiple Web2Print solutions over more than a decade but none of them could help him in achieving business goals. In addition to Web to Print solution for order management, they were also looking for technical support to help them quickly go to market with store set up services.

Solution Highlights

“We believe this website will energize our business. The Customer will stay on the site longer when they know all of their questions can be answered with a few clicks of mouse.” said Philip Walker

Easy to use backend : Clients can easily personalize the products with the help of easy to understand backend

Auto updates and notifications :Attract new customers with automated communication and personalized customer service

Store Set up Services: We helped them in setting up their products on their storefront so that they can quickly go online and kick start their business

“The website is a valuable tool for a business Moving forward. In Order to compete in today’s market, you need a great online presence with easy to navigate website, and OnPrintShop offers a complete package.” Said Philip Walker about our collaboration.

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