200% Increase in Sales & 75% More Efficient Than Traditionally Submitted Print Jobs

Advanced Photographic Solutions has been serving the wholesale photofinishing market for almost 30 years and have grown into one of the largest independent labs in the USA. Their subsidiary, Easy Graphic Solutions, is a premier Online Printing Platform that has attracted retail and corporate clients from all over the United States and has helped them expand with a successful network of resellers.

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Results In Numbers

Increase in Online Sales in the 2nd year of going online


Faster Online Print Job Processing

Only 4 Hours

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OnPrintShop is the best online ordering system out there we could find.


COBY LONAS – Vice President of Sales


Advanced Photographic Solutions were looking to leverage their print equipment during the off season of photofinishing business. They required a system that would integrate online ordering into their current process to capture the online sale opportunity and reach customers nation-wide.

“It was difficult to attract national customers that were not local. We wanted to allow non-traditional customers the ability to submit orders easily.” said Jason Gibson, Manager for Easy Graphics Solutions, a Division of Advanced Photographic Solutions.

Solution Highlights

Advanced Photographic Solutions met us at Graph Expo 2012. On sharing their experience of personalized demo and interaction at Graph Expo, Gibson said, “Our team was immediately impressed with the sales staff’s knowledge of the solution and their ability to communicate the benefits of using their system.”

Instant Corporate Store Setup : OnPrintShop made it possible to setup corporate store quickly – in minutes. This has created new opportunity and options for their B2B clients to facilitate their print orders.

Ease of Use : “Solution was easier than we expected” said Gibson about the solution’s ease of use. He also remarked,“It is a very professional system that customers feel comfortable using.”

Dashboard and Report Engine : Live dashboard allowed them to stay updated with all the critical business analytics. The ability to run reports and export to accounting system enabled smooth inter-system operations.

“We have been very impressed with the ease of doing business with an international company. All of the staff at OnPrintShop-Radix have been incredibly helpful. We have developed strong business relationships with key staff members and we are happy to report even a few friendships.”

Gibson remarked about our collaboration.


Widen Customer-Base : Single platform to manage B2B & B2C clients gave the flexibility and complete control over their online business

Customer-Friendly Ordering : Customers appreciate the clean interface & ease of use. Variable Data capability is very appealing to customers

Competitive : Professional storefront design and extensive features brought them on a platform with national competitors

Profit in Off-Season : Web2Print opened up a new business stream that enabled utilizing their print equipment even during photofinishing’s off-season