Rapid printing based out of Kelowna, Canada celebrating its 35th year delivering communication solution to client and not just print. Since 17 years they have had online website with capability to only provide quote and upload file, which is no more able to meet their growth needs.

Their major challenge was day to day operations, as key people were involved managing existing customers. They did not have complete integrated solution to manage estimation, ordering, invoicing, print production & shipping.

One of the major challenges was to give quick estimates, due to limited team, providing estimates was getting delayed.

Second major challenge was creating invoices and third was order updates from production team and communicating same to end clients.

They evaluated that majority of estimates were standard and approx. 20 to 30% were complex, where you needed estimation team.

Objective was – How to automate estimation process and provide instant quotes on standard products? Once order is confirmed how to auto generate invoice? And finally How to send auto status updates? For which they evaluated multiple Web2Print solutions, before migrating to OnPrintShop.

Rapid Printing and OnPrintShop team spent extensive time to understand the key products and clients, and they decided to outsource website set up to OnPrintShop to launch website within 4 weeks. OnPrintShop team helped them to set up complex pricing and option pricing rules, product pages, and templates.

Within 6 months of transformation from manual to automated print order management, Rapid printing achieved first goal of optimizing productivity by reducing 90% manpower required to process orders, as Customer Communication through the automated reply system and easy reordering for existing customers. Ease of ordering helped the client to increase repeat sales and generate more revenue, thereby driving more success.

Naimish Patel, Sr. Web to Print Technology Expert