What did OnPrintShop showcase this year?

OnPrintShop educated the Print Service Providers about ways in which each & every order can be made profitable. The two major areas that the OnPrintShop team focused on were Order Management & back-end Print production due to the constant challenges in the Print industry that work as obstacles for the printers.

6 days at Hall 9 – Stall F 22

Spreading awareness has been key in the Indian market. OnPrintShop guided PSPs on how their Print business can be in sync with the 21st century innovations, not only with their latest machines, but even beyond that. The young Indian generation is very accepting of technology & is open to incorporate it with their Print business.

The OnPrintShop team were delighted in spreading awareness, about reducing the operational cost via automation as compared to the manual processes. This indirectly affects the increase in the profitability & sales. The OnPrintShop team also explained to PSPs about the management of Small Volume Orders, Repetitive Tasks in Estimation & Designing, etc.

The frequently asked Indian printers’ questions & the spontaneous answers, proved that there is a dire need, but at the same time lack of awareness of a web to print in Indian Print businesses.


How OnPrintShop Web to Print is more effective for Print Service Providers?

Small to large printers, everyone has the aspiration to expand & grow more from their current stature in the Print business. A Print business teamed up with technology is the most profitable combination to elevate one’s business. The ease & convenience at which customers can order via OnPrintShop is one less worry for the growth of your Print business.

The never-ending discussions about how printers can keep a track of their orders, retain their customers & gain repeat orders all the time, made all the onlookers curious & want to participate in their ongoing discussions. The constant demo and question-answer session at OnPrintShop’s booth helped everyone to understand as to how important & effective web to print is for their print business. This made them want to incorporate OnPrintShop’s web to print in their business, mainly for their back-end rather than only for the front-end.

Valuable Takeaways

  • A keen eye towards all kinds of printers’ needs
  • Technology merged with Print – Increase in revenues
  • Expansion with a small team
  • Streamlining Print Order Management
  • Growth with offering Print products world-wide
  • Treasured education about Web to Print
  • Print business growth with the same number of team members

PrintPack India 2019 – What a start of the New Year!

Audience’s Response in the event

The constant footsteps of people walking in & out, in Stall F22 were a crowd-puller for people to want to learn about the understanding from the one-on-one sessions provided by the OnPrintShop team. The knowledge sharing approach & in-depth knowledge of the print industry requirements, being in sync with the ever-changing technology was some of the team’s most impressive aspects. The solution & the team’s approach as IT partners were highly appreciated.