Earned a remarkable title as the Red Hot Technology Print 18

One of the busiest cubicles in the Red Hot events this 2018, was of OnPrintShop’s. Securing a noteworthy position in the “Sales & Management Systems” category, OnPrintShop’s ‘Personalized Photo Products W2P Solution’ managed to etch a memory in everyone’s minds who visited the cubicle in search for information of the solution & even for the ones who just came across it.

Amongst other renowned winners, OnPrintShop’s photo solution stood out with its outstanding features, which simplifies printers’ jobs & also cuts down on manual labor, so much to channel those resources in driving more sales. This is a huge feat for OnPrintShop that gives PSPs more reason to increase their sales, by offering the Photo Personalization Products (Photobooks, Calendars, Gift Products, Custom-size, etc.). It is not only a moment of joy, but a sigh of relief for many when they learn that there is no need of any IT programmers.

Enhancing one’s user-experience, along with reducing the design approval time for designers, this solution is a solution for all PSPs – with big businesses or small ones. The OnPrintShop team was always on its toes; demonstrating their Web to Print solution, answering to PSPs’ queries, reaching out to cater to clients’ needs with their constant presence; hidden behind the ongoing entry-exit of the crowd, the constant chatter of the people discussing the OnPrintShop solution based on their print business requirements & the perpetual smiles glued on each team-members’ face.

A hat-trick cherishing with the three-day event is a memory to be remembered for a lifetime.

Key Highlights

  • Awarded the RED HOT TECHNOLOGY 2018 for Personalized Photo Products W2P Solution
  • A crowd-puller for its amazing PSPs-oriented solution & a proud Red Hot recognition
  • Known to make a noteworthy change in existing clients’ business rise & securing more clients with their word-of-mouth
  • Scoring a hat-trick with this year’s Red Hot Technology recognition, starting from Print ‘16
  • PSPs are now able to expand & explore their print business with numerous Photo products
  • Never-ending words of appreciation for OnPrintShop’s Support team & their constant aid was definitely heart-touching

The time that went by at Print ‘18

About the Association for Print Technologies

The Association for Print Technologies (APTech℠), formerly known as NPES, is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to supporting the entire commercial printing value chain.

We believe in helping our members maximize alignment with their value chain partners to be more effective and competitive. Printing has been vital to communication for decades; today, the digital culture has heightened our industry’s complexity and re-framed its relevance. APTech’s signature event-PRINT®-answers the call by bringing the boldest and brightest innovators, influencers, and newest technology together to create connections that showcase and advance our industry.

Ecstasy at the exhibition

The event started & finished in a snap & three-days seemed like just an evening involved in the many productive interactions, numerous questions & the provision of our solution to the major PSP queries.

Everyone who visited Booth 240 was not just content, but ecstatic as OnPrintShop proved to be a solution that is the key for multiple purposes as well as a solution that gives enough space to explore, invest & grow not only from one particular print solution, but by the selection from a wide array of choices.

Multiple HTML 5 Designer Studios, offering High-end Product & Customer Specific Experience, High Resolution Print Ready Output (PDF), Easy Templates Creation Capabilities & Image Personalization Features are some of the vital points for PSPs to not leave the booth, craving for more information that would help them to take their business a notch higher.