As a Part of its Commitment to the Growth of Clients, OnPrintShop Organized a Webinar for Indian Printers to Take Advantage of the Current Demonetization Situation

As SME Printers continue to struggle with demonetization, OnPrintShop a global web-to-print solutions provider, decided to research about the current situation and its effect on Indian print industry. The result is a webinar “Demonetization – Big Time Opportunity for Printers” aimed to educate and motivate printers to find new paths and convert this challenge into an opportunity.

Approximately 2.5 lakh units operate traditionally. There is an immense opportunity for printers to grow post demonetization. The webinar will show the right direction to printers and provide insights on dealing with demonetization. With some astounding statistics and case studies, the webinar will motivate printers to take the right action.

“We believe demonetization is a big opportunity for printers who know how to capitalize the situation properly. This webinar is organized for small to large printers to understand the complex and challenging demonetization situation. We’re here to help printers to make sense out of chaos and accelerate their business quickly,” says Mr. Naresh Bordia, V.P. Business Development OnPrintShop, also the main speaker and conductor of the webinar.

The webinar is arranged in two phases – the first phase (held on 21st December 2016) was very successful with several big printers and dignitaries such as Harjinder Singh, Gen. Secretary Lucknow Printers’ Association and International Relations – Co-Chairman and AIFMP attending and appreciating it for powerful knowledge and insights. The topics spanned from the economic crisis, digitalization, change management, to several eye-opening facts and surveys from across the world.

Live Webinar – Demonetization, Big Time Opportunity for Printers aimed to educate and motivate printers to find new paths and convert this challenge into an opportunity.

The second webinar is to be organized in the third week of January, just before PrintPack so as to create more awareness about digitization and technology before the event. OnPrintShop is exhibiting at the PrintPack for the fourth consecutive term and fully understands the overall impact demonetization and digitization will have on the event and overall print business this year. The focus on PrintPack ’17 is on Change Management.

The webinar is meant for:

  • Printers / Brokers who are losing business post demonetization
  • Small to medium printers looking to find way to boost sales despite cash crunch
  • Traditional printers/brokers struggling to modernize their business
  • Printers / Brokers interested in providing digitized experience to end clients

The webinar is scheduled on 19th January 2017 at 4.00 pm. To register for the webinar, email at and receive registration confirmation information on email. Alternatively.

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