Designer Studio Features

1. Interactive 3D Design Preview (Add-On Plugin) New

  • In this release, we bring the product’s interactive 3D design preview for your customers. It will help your customers to know exactly how the print looks after its printed.
  • We will provide the following previews:
    • 360-degree preview – for single-page flat products like business cards, letterheads, etc. Also available for multi-page flat products like brochures, pocket folders, etc.
    • 3D Model preview – for model products like mugs, t-shirts, pillows, etc.
      • We also support custom models for other products like stubby holders, bottles, etc. with additional cost depending on its model creation complexity.

2. 3D Packaging Solution (Add-On Plugin) New

  • In this version, we are introducing a personalized 3D box packaging feature.
  • Boxes are more than just a way to pack and ship items safely. They can be used to represent a brand and offer a memorable unboxing experience to the receiver.
  • We offer full personalization – outside and inside for the following box types as part of the package module:
    • Product Boxes
    • Mailer Boxes
    • Shipping Boxes
  • In our super easy to use online Designer Studio your customer can personalize the boxes as they like, view its LIVE 3D preview, and see exactly how it will print.
  • To print packages other than the mentioned boxes, you can directly upload its designs from the ‘Upload Design center’ and add them to the cart.
  • Apart from the mentioned boxes, on request, we can create new package box types with additional costs based on feasibility.
  • For its price calculation, you can use our new advanced formula for options like printing cost, crease length cost, cutting cost, etc.
  • Option’s Variable Formula: Especially for this product we bring you the advanced level of product options pricing. You will have the facility to create your own variable formula and use those variables into defining the custom formula for your product (master) options.
3. Photo Calendar Solution Enhancement New
  • In Photo Calendar solution your customers will have the following additional facilities:
    • Modify basic properties – fonts, font style, color, etc
    • Add and personalize back cover
  • While designing a Calendar, you will have the control to decide the following:
    • The number of rows in a month, which will apply to all the months in the calendar.
    • Whether to split a single date cell into two to fit multiple dates.
    • In page layout, duplicate same month on the same page.
4. Canvas Solution: Center Align Image New
  • In this release, we have added a setting through which you can control the default image alignment on the Canvas Solution.
  • When this setting is enabled, the actual uploaded image will align centrally and fit the canvas, it will not zoom in/out automatically. And white space will be applied across all sides.
  • Example: The Canvas Solution is the landscape and the uploaded image is portrait then the image will align at the center of the canvas and white space will be added across all sides – probably more on left and right side compared to the top and bottom.
5. Photo Transfer from Smartphones to Desktops New
  • In the online Designer Studio, now your customers will have the facility to photo transfer from their smartphones to desktops for easy personalization especially useful for Photo Prints Products.
  • In easy steps – click on ‘upload from mobile’, scan the QR code, connect mobile and upload photos.
  • Your customers can share the link with their friends via email, this way your customers can collect photos from their friends as well.
6. Artwork Auto Resize in Upload Center Proofing
  • In this release, we have enhanced the artwork auto-resize in upload center proofing & upload center page.
  • We have refined and added new precise artwork fill settings – Load actual image size, fit to the canvas with aspect ratio, fill to the canvas with aspect ratio and fill to canvas without aspect ratio.
  • Even your customers will have the facility to toggle among the above-mentioned canvas artwork fill options.
  • Use this facility to give your customer a better proofing experience.
7. New Minor Features & Enhancements
  • Clipart: Support color gradient: In clipart, from now onwards we will be supporting color gradient. We will also offer 24+ complimentary clipart.
  • ‘Justified’ text-alignment: In the text, we have added ‘Justified’ alignment.
  • Change the capitalization or case of text: In the property panel, we have added new buttons, through which the selected text can be directly converted completely into uppercase, lowercase, or title case.
  • Optimized Designer Studio UI: We have optimized Designer Studio’s UI/UX, for better user experience and easy navigation. Changed position of buttons – Frame/mast, rotation, etc for better visibility, added subheadings and text option button, set default canvas fit to screen, and much more.
  • Optimized Calendar UI: The configuration fields in the left menu are streamlined with a user-friendly UI in both Admin Panel and Front-Store.
  • Allow negative value in character spacing: In personalization, you and your customer can give negative value in character spacing.
  • Mask image in ‘Designer Preview Images’: In the product’s ‘Designer Rule’ under ‘Designer Preview Images’, you will have the facility to upload mask images.
  • Stroke value in Float: Moving forward, you and your customers can specify float values in stroke.
  • Display proper validation in Block PDF:Now, in Block PDF studio, if errors are found we will open the UI accordion and display the error, so that error is not missed.
  • Load Photobook based on pages specified in price-calculator: Now, the photobook designer studio will load with the number of pages specified by the customer in the price calculator.
  • Photobook Product Supports block pdf template:Now you have the facility to create block pdf templates for Photobook products.
  • Changed template auto-personalization behavior: Now, you will have the control to decide whether you want template auto-personalization from the caching storage or from the profile.
  • Open replace-image pop-up in mobile: In mobile, when an image placeholder is selected we will open the image replace pop-up.

Store Section Features

From this release, across entire solution, ‘Corporate’ and ‘Retailer’ terms are renamed as ‘Store’ and ‘Default Store’ respectively.

8. Revamped ‘Markup’ feature New
  • Now, you will have the facility to configure percentage markup as fixed or dynamic. Also can configure master markup.
  • Store-wise you can decide whether you want the markup to be increased or decreased on the price.
  • The configured markup will be applied on both product price and product’s additional option price, you don’t need to configure separately for both.
  • Use our enhanced markup feature and increase/decrease the store’s product price as per your business need.
9. Added ‘Configuration’ tab (UI Changes) New
  • We have made the Store UI more effective and user-friendly.
  • We have streamlined all the store configuration details into a single tab – ‘Configuration’.
  • From this new tab, you can check and configure all the store configurations – website logo, theme configuration, email notification, settings, page personalization, custom CSS, and Inventory from a single place.
  • We have also added some quick links for you – Email Template, SMS Notification, for easy and quick navigation.
  • For the streamlined UI, we have moved the Inventory & Department menu-item and store tab into the new ‘Configuration’ tab. And made similar minor UI changes.
10. Product & Shipping Discount New
  • Now, you have the facility to avail discounts for your store customers.
  • You can configure the product discounts as well as shipping discounts.
  • Use this new feature and give discounts to your premium customers and attract more business.
11. Approval pending order list of all department New
  • Now onwards we will list approval pending order list of all department in a single listing.
  • Through this, the approver will have the facility to approve orders from a single listing instead of approving from the assigned department-specific listing.
  • This will relieve the approver from the pain of logging into the different assigned departments to approve orders.
12. Proof Approved email notification to customers
  • From this release onwards, whenever your customers approve their proof. An email notification will be sent to them as well instead of just to you.
  • This facility will help your customers to stay updated with the proof approval activities.
13. Auto-create store customer New
  • Now, onwards whenever you create a store, a store customer will be auto-created with the same email ID. This can be controlled through a setting.
  • Use this auto-creation facility and save your time.

Product Section Features

14. Create ‘Admin only’ Product (Master) Options New
  • You will now have the facility to create ‘Admin Only’ Product Options. You can set formula-based pricing for it.
  • These product options will not be displayed at the Front-Store but will only be utilized for product price calculation.
  • Example: You can create creasing, cutting, folding, etc. product options that are not shown to customers but their price is calculated based on length.
15. Product (Master) Option Enhancement
  • Calculate weight with ‘number of pages’: Now, in product options, you can calculate the weight based on the number of pages for products like a booklet.
  • Set Product-specific setup cost in Product Options: You can now also set product-specific setup costs for Product Options.
  • Validation in ‘Textbox’ Type Product Option: In the ‘Product Options’ with type – ‘Textbox’ you will have the facility to add validations – min, max, interval, and default on its value.
16. Create multiple Designer Rules
  • In this release, we bring you the facility to create multiple Designer Rules. I.e. You can create more than one hide/show designer rule.
  • Example: When customers select ‘Spot UV effect’ in Additional Options only then they should have the facility to upload the ‘Spot UV’ file. Along with when customers select only a single printing side then show only the particular side in Designer Studio.
17. Custom Size Enhancement New
  • Set size interval: Now, you have the facility to set size intervals and restrict your customers to add the size of specific multiple only. You can also configure float values in it. Example: 0.5, 0.75. etc.
  • Cross-check size validation: Through a quick setting, you can enable cross-check size dimension validation for custom size. This setting will be handly when you want to allow swapping of landscape and portrait dimensions.
  • Configure size ranges in float values: Now, you have the facility to configure float value ranges. Example: 0.5 – 10.5. You can also configure the same for Product Options having ‘Range lookup’ as – area, total area, width, or height.
18. New Minor Features New
  • Duplicate ‘Product Page Layout’ with product: Now, when you duplicate a product, its ‘template layout’ for standard products and ‘page layout’ for photobook, calendar, and canvas product will also be duplicated.

Order Section Features

19. New Minor Features & Enhancements
  • Modify ‘User Design’ template directly from the ‘Modify Design’ pop-up: Now, in the order, you can directly modify the user design template and send it to your customers directly from the ‘Modify Design’ pop-up.
  • Coupon Import – Bulk Update/Delete: You now have the facility to bulk delete or update coupons.
  • Order Due Date based on ‘Proof Approval’: For online orders, we will recalculate the ‘Order Due date’, after the artwork/proof is approved by your customers.
  • Track your Order: We have added a link through which your customers can quickly and easily track their orders.
  • Modify Order’s Product size & Job Name: Now you have the facility to modify product size as well as Job name in Modify Order.
  • Enhancement in Order Module: In the order section listing, we have added the ‘Watch-list’ filter, display PO number, and allow its search.
  • Bulk Update – Order & Order Product: Now, you can bulk update ‘Tracking Number’ in ‘Order Product Bulk Update’ and ‘PO number’ in ‘Order Bulk Update’ respectively.
  • Update ‘Order Processing Fee’: Now onwards, in any order, you will have the facility to update the ‘Order Processing Fee’.
  • Order cancellation pop-up UI enhancement:At Front-Store we have optimized the order cancellation pop-up UI.
  • Visibility of specific Order comments to Workflow Admin:The workflow Admin will only see generic comments and the assigned product’s comments.
  • ‘Local-pickup address’ selection in Order Update: When Admin changes the Shipping Method to ‘Local pickup’, they will have the facility to select the local-pickup address.
  • Payment Log in Order: On Order payment either success or failure, we will show the transaction ID and as well as its technical log details in the Order.

Admin Section Features

20. Widget-based Admin Dashboard New
  • In this release, we bring you a widget-based dashboard for you and your business partners to personalize the dashboard as per persona.
  • You and other users can configure the dashboard results by Recents, Sales Statistics, Job Board (Order Wise/Order Product wise), Sales Order (Yearly/Monthly), Top Product Sales.
  • We have also added new widgets – Recent Orders, Recent Quotes, Recent Customers, Store Quick Links, Pay On Summary, Pending for Approvals.
  • Widgets access will be as per predefined permissions.
  • Dashboard configuration – Simply select the widgets that you want, drag, and move around to personalize your dashboard layout.
  • Use this new feature to organize your dashboard and have a unique, at-a-glance, real-time view of your business and increase your efficiency significantly.
21. Company Name: Orders, Quotes & Customers
  • In the customer profile, in the ‘company name’ field, when you type the first three characters, the system will list all the companies starting from it for you to select.
  • This will help you correct the junk entries done by your customers.
  • Also, we have added the ‘Company Name’ filter on the Customer and Order listing page for easy filtering of data.
22. Reminder Emails New
  • In this release we bring you, following configurable reminder emails:
  • Order Approval Reminder (B2B)
    • Every time an order is placed, the approver will receive 2-level reminder emails for approval. Minimizing the chance of neglecting the Order approval.
    • You can configure the scheduler and repeat reminders.
  • Payment Pending Reminder
    • When your customers haven’t paid your payment request. You can send them email reminders.
  • Failed Online Transaction
    • Whenever an online transaction is failed, an email reminder will be sent to your customers intimating about the same and requesting them to complete the transaction.
23. Imposition Enhancement
  • Imposition – Configure individual margin: In the Imposition, now you can configure separate margins for each individual side – left, right, top, and bottom of the job.
  • Impose Order enhancement: Impose PDF file without re-uploading for all the orders. Also, in the impose file, we will impose the job inside the ‘trim box’.
  • Categorization of imposition schema: You can now categories your imposition schema into various categories.
24. Reports
  • Printer Order Summary: In this report, we have made the assigned job count clickable, on click you will see the order details and order product details.
  • Additional Option Based Report: This is a new report; through which you can fetch details based on the product’s additional options.
25. New Minor Features & Enhancements
  • Assign default User-Group to customers: Now your customers can be auto-assigned to a default user group whenever they are added to the system.
  • Add Bulk Data: Now, in product’s size, additional option’s attribute, and quantity, you will have the facility to add bulk records in a single go.
  • Workflow admin – Create shipment label of only assigned Orders: Now onwards, workflow admin will be allowed to create shipment labels of only the orders that are assigned to them. Also, they will be allowed to update only the assigned status (view and update both).
  • Use ‘Rewards’ data in Customer and Zapier API: Now, in Customer and Zapier API, we have added rewards details parameters that can be utilized while API sync.
  • Refrain visibility of ‘Customer Settings’ to Branch Admin: Now onwards, the customer settings – status, pay on account, payment due days, etc. will not be visible to Branch Admin.
  • Delete older unused user images: Now onwards, you have the facility to delete older unused user images.
  • Customer & Shipping details in Product Cost estimation email: We have added variables – shipping info, customer name, and current date and time in the product cost estimation email. You can configure them and those details will be shown in the email.

Shipping Section Features

26. New Shipping Method – ‘Shipping Cost by Order Value’ New
  • In this release, we bring you a new Shipping Method to give you more options in the way you charge Shipping Charges.
  • We have added a new method – ‘Shipping Cost by Order Value’. In this method, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the Order Value/Subtotal.
  • You can specify multiple subtotal ranges and configure its cost. Based on your customer’s order value/subtotal respective shipping costs will be applied.

Front-Store Features

27. 2D Canvas Preview New
  • In this release, we are introducing a 2D preview for a Single photo Canvas Product.
  • Through this setting-based preview, you can facilitate your customers to view a 2D preview of their personalized canvas.
28. Share Personalized Designs over social media New
  • Now, your customers will have the facility to share personalized/saved designs over social media platforms.
  • From the desktop device your customers can share over – email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Whereas from Mobile/Tablet devices, they can share over – WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger including the desktop platform mentioned above.
  • This will be useful especially for Photobooks.
29. Product’s Image Gallery Enhancement
  • In the Product’s image gallery, we have added two more options – ‘Refer from Option’ and ‘Option combination-wise’ to cover more business-use cases.
  • Refer from Option: you can define specific options, the system will refer their images from the individual additional options.
  • Option combination-wise: you can define a combination, upload images for it. At the front store when the defined combination is selected, the respective image will be shown.
  • Product Gallery’s Image carried forward in Shopping Cart: On the pre-defined product’s price calculator, the displayed/selected product image will be carried forward in the Shopping Cart and Order.
30. Product-level Image optimization
  • Now, you will have the control to optimize website images for specific products.
  • Through a setting, you can enable image optimization for a desired specific product and its images will be optimized in the background process.
31. User Images – Photo Album
  • We have added a setting; through which you can control how your customer uploads images in the Designer Studio.
  • On enabling this setting, your customers will have to create an album and then upload images into that particular album. And then use them for personalization.
  • By default, this setting will be enabled for Photobook and PhotoPrint product types.
32. More Sorting Options New
  • In this release, we are adding more sorting options, on the product and template listing page for better usability of your customers.
  • We are adding sorting/filter options – Popularity, newest, A-Z, or Z-A.
33. Checkout Page enhancement
  • Streamlined address capturing on ‘Checkout page’: For shipping/billing address selection, we have separated each action – add new, edit, set default instead of a single pop-up.
  • Show shipping/delivery Instruction: You can now show shipping/delivery instructions to your customers on the checkout page. Example: Delivery only available on weekdays.
  • Guest Customer – Shipping/Billing page UI enhancement: For the guest customer, we are flexible to interchange the sequence of shipping/billing address block and the customer information block. Also, the ‘Same as shipping Address’ checkbox will be by default checked.
  • Add to cart login issue fixed: Now, when your customers enter login credentials on the ‘Add to cart pop-up’ on checkout, we will auto-login the customers as soon as they enter valid login details.
34. New Minor Features & Enhancements
  • Single option displays as label: In price-calculator, if you have a single value in fields – size, quantity, and additional options (with dropdown type), it will be shown as a label instead of a dropdown.
  • Yotpo rating beside product heading: You will now have the facility to show Yotpo’s ratings beside the product heading, above the price calculator on Front-Store.
  • Google captcha on Guest customer form: You can now capture google captcha from your guest customers and ensure secure login.
  • Auto-detect currency & language: Based on your customer’s login location i.e. IP address, we will auto-detect the country and show respective currency and language throughout the front store.
  • Product and CMS page-specific ‘Metatag setting’: We have added the ‘Metatag setting’ field at product-level and CMS page level, you can add metatag setting specific to them for better SEO.
  • CMS banner size: While creating a CMS banner you can decide its display style – full page banner, inner page banner, or container width banner.
  • Upload files in SVG format: Now, in the ‘Upload file’ option throughout the system except for the logo file you can upload a .SVG file.
  • T&C check-box: We have added the Terms and Condition checkbox on customer registration (regular and guest both), subscriber/news-letter, and contact us form.
  • Display multiple promotional messages: You now have the facility to display multiple promotional messages at the same time on the same page.
  • Visual Price calculator: Side-by-side layout: In ‘Product page Layout’, if you set the ‘Side-by-side’ layout, the visual price calculator will have a side-by-side layout for additional options with the ‘dropdown’ type.
  • ‘My Addresses’ UI enhancement: We have streamlined the capturing of addresses. Added icons for easy identification, separated each action – add new, edit, set default, added new facility – ‘Set default blind address’.
  • Proofing pop-up: Show pdf viewer: Now, in the proofing pop-up, if the file is in PDF format, your customers can view it in PDF viewer for proofing.
  • Mobile enhancements for iPad: You will have the facility to set menu style as per product or product category. For iPad view, we have changed the layout style of the ‘All category’ menu. In an iPad with 786 widths and lower, you can set the number of products displayed in a single row on the Home page.

Solution Core Changes

35. Fixed decimal price mismatch issue
  • In price, there was a decimal point storage issue, due to which the price shown on Front-Store and the actual price had a minor difference (0.01) in decimal point.
  • We have fixed this issue at the core level. We have modified our pricing storage structure as per configured decimal places for final prices like – product subtotal, shipping price, tax, etc.
  • We have fixed this issue at the core level. We have modified our pricing storage structure as per configured decimal places for final prices like – product subtotal, shipping price, tax, etc.
  • Now, everywhere the accurate price will be calculated and shown, no minor difference even in the decimal point will be seen.
36. Flexible Integration: Any Digital Marketing
  • Now, we have centralized our coding structure of marketing events which enables us the flexibility to Integrate with any Digital Marketing application.
  • Use our flexibility to your advantage and target more customers, increase your brand visibility and lead to more conversions.
37. Minor Enhancements
  • Only Super Admin can delete any user: Now onwards, only Super Admin will have the facility to delete any user, no other Admin would be able to delete any user.
  • Upgraded all CSS and JavaScript: We have upgraded all the third-party CSS and JavaScript used in the solution (Front, Admin, and Designer Studio) for better compatibility and enhanced performance.


38. ZOHO Books – Accounting (Add-On Plugin) New
  • ZOHO Books is an Online Accounting Software.
  • Integrate with this end-to-end accounting solution to manage your finances from a single platform.
  • Sync your OnPrintShop Orders into ZOHO Books and automatically raise Invoices for payment.
39. Active Campaign – Marketing (Add-On Plugin) New
  • Active Campaign is a Marketing Platform.
  • Integrate with this platform to reach and engage with your customers, grow relationship with them and create an incredible customer experience.
40. Trustpilot – Customer Review New
  • Trustpilot is a Customer Review Application.
  • Integrate with this application, take ratings and feedback from your customers for your products and services.
  • Show your popularity, ratings, and feedback to other customers and up your game.