Product Module Features

1. Product Price by Linear Interpolation Formula

  • In this release, we introduce an advanced feature – ‘Linear Interpolation formula’ for the Product Price calculation for the ‘Range-based with multiplication’ and ‘Dynamic/Custom size’ pricing method. It will be setting based.
  • This advanced feature will estimate the value of intermediate points between two known values.
  • The product price for each quantity within a range varies, the price for each quantity will increase in arithmetic progression. Until now the product price remained the same for all the quantity within a range.
  • With this feature you might not have to configure a long price range, instead just set up a few points with equal intervals and the formula will calculate the varying price for all the intermediate points within the range.

2. Product Options – Master

  • Another major feature that we are introducing in this release is Product Options.
  • Through this, you will have the provision to configure Product Options only once and assign them to multiple products.
  • The main advantage is, in the common option you can configure all the possible attributes then while assigning them to products enable only the applicable attributes.
  • You can configure product option master Pricing based on formulas, Multiplier, Linear Formula, or no price at all. Also can configure range-lookup based on Quantity, Area, Total Area, or the number of sheets.
  • This feature will save you a lot of time for individual Product Option creation.
3. Additional Options before Product Size (Especially for Label product)
  • Now, based on a new setting – ‘Display above size’, you can decide to display Additional Options before Product Size.
  • Also, in the Options Rules, we have added a new option – ‘Additional option based size hide’ in the defining rule for the additional options that are displayed before Size.
  • This feature will be very helpful for the Label Products price calculator, you can display additional options like Label Type, Shape, etc. before selecting a size.
4. Custom Size Product: Quantity-based Additional Options Price
  • For Custom Products, now we have covered ‘Quantity-based’ price configuration for Additional Options as well.
  • Earlier quantity-based price configuration was only available for Product base price.
  • Now, for additional options, you can either configure attribute price or quantity-based attribute price.
  • The quantity range will be open for you to configure as per your business need.
5. Additional Options Rule Enhancement
  • The Additional Options that are marked as required has the option – ‘Select Option’.
  • Now, you will have the facility to configure rules based on the ‘Select Option’ option selection.
  • Similarly, for Request Quotes of existing products, you will be able to configure additional options rules based on the ‘Select Others’ option selection.
  • Also, the Options Rules listing will now have a sorting facility.
6. Minor Enhancements
  • New blocks in Product Page Layout: We have added two new blocks – Product description 2 and Product extra message 2 in the Product Page Layout. You can use these blocks to provide added product descriptions to your customers on the Front-Store.
  • Default/minimum value for Additional Options: You will have the facility to configure default/minimum value for Additional Options with datatype – ‘Textbox – with/without multiplication’ to be displayed on the Front-Store.
  • Size based setup cost: You will now be able to configure size-wise setup cost for Products. This will also be helpful to show size-wise minimum product price to your customers.
  • Duplicate Additional Options for the same Product: Now you will have the facility to duplicate Additional Options even for the same Product. Earlier you were allowed to duplicate only for other products.
  • Product-specific Order cut-off time: Now, you can configure product-specific order cut-off time, if not, the system will consider the existing site level (common) setting for the same.
  • Set Product Quantity Interval: Now you can just set an interval in the Product setting and the Price Calculator at the Front-Store your customer will only be allowed to specify quantity in the multiple set Interval. E.g. – 20|10, where 20 is the default quantity and 10 is the interval, in price calculator customers will be allowed – 20, 30, 40, 50, and so on up till the configured range limit.
  • Schema mark-up: Now, you have the provision to add Schema mark-up for SEO purposes for any content pages, static pages, product pages, and FAQ.
  • Meta tag enhancement: We have added Meta type – Name and Property for better searching and ranking by search engines, helpful for SEO purpose.

Order Module Features

7. Modify Order in Admin side
  • While modifying order you will have a dropdown list to select additional options and won’t have to manually type them. Also, you will have the provision to specify any custom additional option value.
  • The dropdown list item will be available for additional options with datatype – dropdown, radio, and checkbox.
  • We will also convert and show the value of the additional option in the configured default language. Also, show them in Order, Job Ticket, and Invoice based on a site variable.
  • With this feature, you won’t have to worry and remember all the additional options of the product, rather simply select the option from the dropdown.
8. Re-order at Admin side
  • Now, even the Admin will be able to Re-order an Order from the Admin Panel.
  • The Admin will be able to select specific products from all the products available in the existing order.
  • And specify Shipping details, Payment details, can also raise payment request just like an Offline order.
  • The Order ID of the Re-order will be in the sequence of the Order ID.
  • Use this feature to quickly place a re-order without having to login into the Customers Account.
9. Minor Enhancements
  • Mass delete unpaid Orders: Mass delete facility for the Super admin to delete unpaid orders.
  • Payment request enhancement: Now while you mark a raised Payment Request as ‘Paid’, you will have the facility to mention Payment Method, Transaction ID, and any additional comments.
  • Mass download Job Tickets: You will now have the ability to download multiple job tickets into a single pdf file easily.
  • ‘Update Order’ pop-up UI enhancement: We have updated the ‘Update Order’ pop-up UI, by clubbing relative fields into respective sections. Also, added new fields – Payment Date, Payment Method, and Transaction ID. This UI enhancement will give a better user experience.
  • Coupon/Discount Enhancement: We have introduced ‘Conditional Discount’ in both ‘Combo Discount’ and ‘Discount’ and introduced ‘Order Count’ in ‘Discount’.
  • Item-wise Order due date, Production due date: In this release, we will store item-wise order due date and production due date in the database. This storage is just for internal purpose as of now.
  • Feedback & Review enhancement: We have implemented a common listing screen for you to check all the Order Feedback under a single listing. Also, a ‘Thank You’ email notification will be sent to your customers when they provide feedback on an Order.
  • PO number in offline Order: We have included the Purchase Order (PO) number field in Offline Order to help you store it for future reference.

Shipping Module Features

10. Dynamic Height calculation for Shipment package
  • Now, you will have the facility to configure dynamic height calculation for Standard Products Shipping Packages.
  • Based on the calculated No of packages, the quantity per package shall be calculated.
  • Based on the quantity per package and the Product thickness, the height of each package will be dynamically calculated.
  • Additionally, you will have the provision to configure additional height which will be added to the calculated dynamic height.
  • Use this feature to configure your standard product shipping packages with dynamic height.
Shipment package calculator
  • In an earlier release, we introduced multiple shipment package configuration with system auto calculating the box packages with minimum wastage.
  • In this release, we provide you the advanced facility to calculate the best fit box and the right number of box packages required for Order Shipment all by yourself, for an existing product, or any custom product.
  • You will just have to provide details like order weight, product weight, box weight, gross weight, and the dimension of boxes and click calculate.
  • The system will auto calculate the wastage for all the given list of boxes and suggest you the best fix of box packages along with the possible.
  • Use this facility to calculate the best fix box package and to know the possible wastage for any dimension of box packages.

Front-Store Features

12. Upload multiple artwork files (Product Upload Center & Upload field)
  • Now in the Product Upload Center screen, your customers will have the provision to upload multiple artwork files, unlike side-specific only front/back.
  • You can manage this through a product setting.
  • Similarly, for the ‘Upload’ field of the Product Additional Option and the Form fields, your customers will be allowed to upload an ‘n’ number of files.
  • Both features will be available at the Front-Store as well as in Admin Panel.
  • They will be helpful to your customers to upload multiple artworks/files.
13. Phone number validation
  • Now, we will provide phone number validation via Google API, for the majority of countries across your Front-Store.
  • This validation will automatically identify the country as well as validate its format and digit length based on country. Also, displays the flag of the respective country.
  • When the customer enters a phone number, based on the country calling code, its country will be auto-detected. Based on country customers will be able to enter the allowed length.
  • Use this and maintain a clean list of the contact database.
14. Request Quote Form Enhancement
  • Now, for an existing product quote, all the price calculator fields of the particular product will be displayed.
  • In this setting based feature, along with existing product fields, we will also display the Quote Form fields.
  • Configure this feature and allow your customer to apply for a quote by specifying options from existing fields.
  • Also, you will not have to configure all the fields in the Quote Form fields.
15. Minor Enhancements
  • Lazing loading functionality: On the Product Category and Product Listing screen, we have applied the ‘Lazy Loading’ effect for pagination and have removed conventional pagination.
  • Template-list on Product Info screen: You will have the facility to display ‘Product Templates’ on the ‘Product Info’ screen in a list instead of a slider.
  • Product Info screen enhancement: On the Product Info screen, in-text fields when your customers press enter key we will refresh the screen and also keep the field highlighted. If pressed the tab key, we will move to the next field.

Corporate/B2B Section Features

16. Download Artwork without Placing Order
  • Now, you will have the facility to allow your corporate customers to download their product artwork at the Front-Store just by a quick setting in Product.
  • Allow your corporate customers to download their customized artwork, or the ready-to-buy templates before placing an order.
  • You to track which customers downloaded which product’s templates along with the download count through a new report – ‘Download Print File’.
  • Use this feature and give your corporate customers the benefit to download artwork without placing an order.
17. Auto-update Order payment status
  • Now onwards, whenever you mark a raised Corporate Invoice as paid, the payment status of all the Order ID associated with the Invoice will be auto-updated to ‘Paid’.
18. Re-direction to Corporate Login Page:
  • Now in the emails, the corporate users and the retailers shall have different login page links. Corporate users will have the Corporate Login Link.

Admin Section Features

19. Rule-based product assignment to Vendor (Printer)
  • Now, you will have the facility to assign products to the Vendors (Printers) with different Product Rules based on Size, Quantity, and Additional options.
  • You can simply create Product Assignment Rules and assign them to appropriate Vendors.
  • Whenever customers place an order at the Front-Store, the respective product will be assigned to Vendors based on the configured rule.
20. Extra Field Enhancement
  • We have added two more types in extra fields – Checkbox and Switch (toggle) button.
  • Through checkbox let your customers select one or more options of a limited number of choices.
  • While through the Switch button let your customers choose between two mutually exclusive options and always have a default value.
21. Email Notification Template Enhancement
  • In the email notification templates, you will have the facility to set ‘BCC’ as well as ‘From Name’.
  • Earlier we used to allow only ‘From email ID’, but moving forward you will have provision to set both – ‘From Name’ and ‘From email ID’.
  • Example: OnPrintShop Support<>
22. Reports Enhancements
  • Stock Summary Report: We have added this new report through which you can track your entire inventory stock.
  • Report Fields Settings: We have enhanced the ‘Report field settings’, now you can set different fields in the ‘Report Display’ and ‘Report Export’. In the display, you can set only the necessary fields for a quick glance, and in the export set all the detail fields. This will help you to easily manage your reports.
  • Order Product Details Report: We have added a new column – ‘Due Date’, this will help you to track the due date or say the delivery date of the Orders.
  • Order Delivery Report: Now, even the updated Order Due date shall be accurately shown in the Order Delivery Report. This will be helpful to track the accurate delivery date of the Order.
23. Minor Enhancements
  • Shipping Label file format: For third party shipping method – FedEx and UPS, you will have the facility to decide the file format (PDF or PNG or GIF or ZPL) in which your customer’s order shipping label should be printed.
  • IP Address Blocking: You can block multiple IP addresses to avoid unnecessary spam emails and traffic.
  • Assign & Manage Branch to Customers: Now, you will have the provision to assign the Branches to the registered customers. Also, you will be able to change the already assigned Branch.
  • Send Order SMS to Printer/Vendor: Now, whenever 3rd party SMS service is enabled, you will be able to send Order Update SMS notification to your Printers/Vendors.
  • Product details in Order-Product Cancellation pop-up: Now, your customers will also see Product details in the Order-Product Cancellation pop-up. This will be helpful to be aware of the product that is being canceled from the Order.
  • Order Export XML enhancement: In the XML Export file of order, we have added an <pagename> attribute in the details of the print-ready files section.
  • Display Quote Admin Notes in Order: Now, we will display Admin Notes of Quote into respective Order as well.
  • Quote Tax: You will have the facility to specify Tax or choose the default Tax for the Quote Products. This way you’ll be able to levy taxes on the Quotation.
  • Price Calculator pop-up enhancement: Now, in the ‘Online Price Calculator’ pop-up of Quote, even the Product details requested by your customers will be shown for your convenience.

Designer Studio Features

24. Custom Art/Logo Maker: Create, Save, Edit, Re-use Custom Arts (Add On)
  • With this release, we will provide an advanced facility of ‘Custom Art/Logo Maker’ even to your customers.
  • Your customers will have the following facility:
    • Create their own Arts/Logo along with naming them.
    • Save the created Arts/Logo for future use.
    • Access saved arts and edit them anytime!
    • Re-use saved Arts/Logo.
  • This new enhancement will provide personalization flexibility to your customers also will improve the designing experience.
25. Upload Google Fonts directly from Google Font Library
  • We have added the ‘Google Fonts’ library plugin in our Designer Studio.
  • Now, effortlessly include any Google Font into your Designer Studio in just three-step.
  • All you have to do is – Search, Apply, and Save.
  • The system will automatically convert the file format into all the required formats for all the available Font Styles (Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bond/Italic) for the searched Google Font Type (Roboto, Open Sans, Poppins, etc.).
  • Include any Google Font in just three steps without having to manually convert the file into various formats.
26. New Usability Features
  • Template Objects – by-default lock positions: You will now have the provision to default lock all the template objects for all the system templates with just a single setting. If required customers can easily unlock the objects and move them around in the template. This will help your customers to avoid making unintentional changes in the template while they edit other parts of the design.
  • Object Grouping: You and your customers will be able to select multiple objects in the canvas and group/ungroup them. Also, stretch the whole group. Object grouping makes it easier to work with multiple objects.
  • Format Painter: This tool will be a text Format Painter. Users can select a text, click the ‘Formatter’ button, and apply the same format to any other text on the Designer Studio canvas. It shall copy all the effects – font, size, font style, alignment, color, etc. and will be available for all the products.
  • Swap Images: Now, you and your customers will have the facility to swap images directly using a tool. It will be possible between any two images irrespective of the page they belong.
  • Font resizes without aspect ratio: We have enhanced the existing functionality of scalable text. Now, this setting has a dropdown with options – Font scaling with/without aspect ratio and none instead of a toggle switch. When Font scaling without aspect ratio is configured you and your customers can scale the font/text vertically as well as horizontally without aspect ratio.
  • Display Template’s used colors & fonts: With a quick setting, you can enable your customers to view all the colors and fonts used in the template. This will be helpful for easy maintenance of consistency in the template.
  • Display Template’s default & bound colors: Based on a setting, now you will be able to show the template’s bound color as well as default colors to your customer in the Designer Studio.
  • Canvas Orientation Option: For a single photo canvas, we have introduced a tool to orient the canvas.
  • Canvas Guidelines Enhancement: Moving forward we shall maintain the canvas guidelines as it adjusted in the canvas. Those guidelines will be available in the canvas on edit as well.
27. Photobook Enhancements
  • Customizing Inner Side of Cover Page (Flipbook)
    • Through this feature, you and your customers will have the facility to customize even the inner side of the cover page of a Photobook.
    • We call this feature Flipbook. You will only have to mark a Photobook product as a Flipbook (softcover) while configuring and all is set. All its pages shall work as inner pages.
    • This will be very handy for Magazines and similar printing products.
    • This Flipbook (softcover) feature offers your customers a seamless personalization experience.
  • Show configured layout category: Earlier for the Photobook template we used to show the default layout category in Designer Studio. Moving forward we shall show the configured layout category.
  • One-step undo/redo option: In Photobook, you and your customers will now have the provision to perform one-step undo and redo on layout apply or change.
  • Side-specific page layout: Now, the admin will have the facility to create a side-specific layout. Earlier they could create a layout only for both sides.
  • Clear page & Layer button: Designer Studio features – clear page and layer button will now be available for Photobook too.
28. Minor Enhancements
  • Image sharpening effect: We have added a new effect – ‘Sharpen’ in the image adjustment. Use this effect to highlight edges and fine details in an image.
  • Mask/Frame Image file in SVG format: Now you will have the provision to upload an SVG file for a mask/frame image. Using this format will enable you to edit the print-ready file. We have also renamed Mask to Frame for the image place holder.
  • Lazy loading functionality: Throughout Designer Studio, we have applied the ‘Lazy Loading’ effect for pagination instead of load more.
  • Tooltip in Proofing Tool: Added accurate tooltip on every element in the Proofing Tool. This will be helpful to provide information about the element and also help the customers to use the tool more effectively.
  • Low resolution/empty image placeholder warning message: You can now configure warning message either for the low resolution of image or empty place holder or for both or none. Configure the warning message as per your business need.
  • Show multi-level image categories: Now, whenever multi-level categories are created to sort/classify images in Admin Panel. We will show this level-wise classification in the Designer Studio.
Solution Core Changes
  • Upgraded Password storage algorithm: Upgraded the algorithm for password storage as per the new server compatibility and security.
  • Support md5 format for customer’s password: We introduced a new format – md5 for password storage in the database. It is used as a secure cryptographic hash algorithm and can’t be decrypted. Configure any one of the existing or the new format based on your requirement.
  • Advanced Session Storage option: We will provide two advanced session storage option – Database based and Redis (Server) based. Redis is a separate server for session storage. This provision will be available only for enterprise customers that use multi-server to handle high website traffic.
  • libvips Library for faster Image Processing: This library has great performance characteristics, runs quickly and uses very little memory. It will be used for operations like resize, thumbnail creation, crop operation, etc. It will enhance your website’s performance to many folds.
  • Page Speed Optimization: We have improved page speed to load on google pages by making necessary changes like split CSS & JS, setup image height to avoid CLS, etc. This is beneficial for page ranking on Google search engine.
  • Mobile UI: We have made necessary modifications in Mobile UI for a better user experience.
  • Standard Product Order Flow without PDF generation: For the standard product, based on a setting you can choose when you want the print-ready file (PDF) to be generated – in the Product Order Flow at the Front-Store or in the Admin Panel when you download the file. This will optimize storage.