Corporate/B2B Enhancements

1. Department-wise product assignment

  • Now you have more control over providing product visibility to the specific department(s) for your Corporate Clients. Just like the way currently, it is done for predefined products where each department has visibility of a different set of predefined products.

2. Minor Enhancements

  • Customer name in Fixed Shipping Address: Now, we will be showing Customer’s First Name and Last Name in the Shipping Address beside the Corporate Office name, whenever ‘Fixed Shipping Address’ is configured and enabled.
  • Optimized corporate landing page: Optimized corporate landing page by changing default HTML code and also cleaning it.
Admin Section Enhancements
3. Upgraded Admin Panel to Bootstrap 4
  • We have upgraded the complete Admin Panel to Bootstrap 4. This involves better UI with clean icons and seamless experience.
  • We have added icons wherever possible. So you can directly click on icons and get going, no unnecessary clicks on the ‘Action’ menu, and then finding the appropriate item in it.
  • Few benefits of it are – Supports almost all browsers, CSS compatibility fixes, lightweight and customizable, responsive structures and styles, and many more.
4. Convert Quote-to-Order in Admin Panel
  • Now within the Admin Panel, you can directly convert Quote-to-Order(Offline) with/without it being Approved by your end-customer.
  • Example: You receive a Quotation Request via email, and its finalized over email itself. You might want to maintain this quotation in OnPrintShop.
  • Its easy and simple – just Select the Quote, Click on Convert to Order, select appropriate Quantity, Select Payment details, and Confirm. Your Customer’s Quote is converted to an Offline Order without your customer’s intervention.
5. Minimize package wastage by assigning multiple packages
  • In this release, we bring you the control over the package wastage that occurs in shipment packaging.
  • You will now have the provision to create and assign multiple packages for each size available for your product.
  • While creating the shipment package, the system will automatically pick the package with the least wastage keeping the count of the package boxes minimum.
  • Example: You have assigned Three Packages to a Product, with max weight – 40 LBS, 30 LBS, and 20 LBS respectively. Now, If Total Product weight in order is 100 LBS, then the system will auto-pick ‘Two Packages’ of ‘40 LBS’ and ‘One Package’ of ‘20 LBS’. If Total Product weight in order is 110 LBS, then the system will auto-pick ‘Two Packages’ of ‘40 LBS’ and ‘One Package’ of ‘30 LBS’
6. Manage customer notification
  • You now have the control to manage the email notifications that are sent to your customers. With this feature you can only send the required notifications to the customers, i.e. you can control what notifications are to be sent.
  • We have included more filters and badges(traits) to manage them with ease. You’ll be able to easily identify which notifications are sent to which User-type – Admin, Corporate, Corporate Customers, Printers, End Customers, etc. in the listing itself.
  • Also, the User-wise filter is included in template selection, which will be helpful to filter out all the emails that are sent to the particular User-type.
7. Multiple quantity lookup enhancement(Mainly T-shirt Product)
  • Now your customers can directly enter the quantity for multiple sizes for T-shirt(example) product, and the system will calculate the price based on the total quantity of all the sizes.
  • You will have control of the price structure, it to be Total Sum of quantity or specific to Additional Options Sizes.
8. Reports Enhancement
  • Report Fields Settings: We have enhanced reports in such a way that you can decide which fields are to be considered from the pre-set fields list in the Report as well as in the Export. Choose your desired fields and fetch reports, or go with default settings. This will save your data filtering time once the reports are fetched.
  • New Report – Quote Summary: We have added a report for Quote – Quote Summary, you can view your quote’s summary over some time for your quote analysis.
9. Payment Request Enhancement
  • You can configure ‘Order Status’ as well as ‘Payment Status’ that is to be auto-applied to the Payment Request as soon as your customer pays for the payment request for that specific order. This will save your hassle to find the intended Order ID and manually changing its status on successful payment.
10. Minor Enhancements
  • Duplicate product with desired Pricing Method: Now you have the flexibility to change the Pricing Method of a product to any other when you duplicate a product.
  • Enhanced additional options rules: Now you will have more flexibility in creating additional options rules. You can create one by combining product size, quantity as well as additional options.
  • Order status based Auto-Invoice ID generation: Now, you have the control to decide at what stage of your order cycle, you want the Auto-Invoice ID to be generated. Configure this rightly and avoid the issues of missing or gap in Invoice sequence ID due to early order cancellation.
  • Invoice in HTML format: Now, you can offer the invoice templates in HTML format instead of PDF to your customers. You will have to contact the Support Team to change the invoice format.
  • Minimum Product Price per quantity: Now, you will be able to configure Minimum Product Price per quantity(per piece) for any product.
  • Mask image for Custom and Photoprint product: We have included the facility of masking an image even for Custom Size Products and Photoprint Products.
  • Canvas Product – Default ‘Effect’ settings: You can now configure default effects to be shown on the front-store as soon the canvas product is loaded. This configuration doesn’t need any additional options to be created.
  • Imposition module access to Workflow Admin: You can now even assign the Impose Order facility to your Workflow Admin. With this enhancement distribute your work to your admin and manage your business efficiently.
  • Optimized ‘Product Weight’ screen: While configuring the product weight – ‘size with product options’, now we will not be considering the options with type – ‘with/without multiplication’ in the formation of combinations. It doesn’t impact product weight and using them in combination formation was leading to redundant data and repetitive product weight entry.
  • Set limitation to the uploaded file: Earlier due to the heavy file being uploaded via the ‘upload file’ feature, a lot of time was consumed in thumbnail creation, in some cases, even the server’s performance was severely impacted. Hence, now when large files are uploaded we will show only uploaded image name.
  • Tax Refund Issue when Tax included in Product Tax: Currently when Product Price is configured with Tax inclusion, Tax was being calculated twice while Refund. Moving forward, we will not calculate Tax in Refund if Product Price is including Tax.
  • Unpaid order removed from Job board: Unpaid orders will not be reflected on your job board, enabling you to focus on the paid order’s production cycle.
  • Search product by its URL: On the product listing screen in the admin panel, you can simply search a product by its URL.
  • Product settings Optimization: We have optimized the product settings screen, with this the number of database queries to save product settings has been reduced.
11. Canvas Product – Split photo & Multiple photo canvas prints (Add on)
  • We now introduce two more types of Canvas – Split Photo Canvas and Multiple Photo Canvas.
  • Split Photo Canvas: A wall canvas that has multiple canvases but only a single photo is spread(laid) over all the multiple canvases is termed as ‘Split Photo Canvas’.
  • Multiple Photo Canvas: A wall canvas which is a set of multiple canvases with different photos is a ‘Multiple Photo Canvas’.
  • Have this feature configured and avail your customers to preserve their photo memories and decor their space with this different type of canvas prints.
12. PhotoPrint Module (Add-on)
  • We have completely rebuild the existing PhotoPrint Product ordering flow.
  • Through this product your customers to build their photos in the ‘Print Photo Builder’ screen, apply additional options, order the same photo with multiple sizes in multiple quantities.
  • Your customer can add borders, orientation, crop, and apply many more effects.
  • Allow your customers to print their photos in multiple sizes and different additional finishing options.
  • You and your customers will have new user experience with efficient Price Calculation, Shopping Cart, and Order Management.
Front-Store Enhancements
13. Advanced Zip code to cover most possible combination
  • We have introduced a pattern in the zip code for the admin to configure a wide variety of zip codes very efficiently and quickly.
  • In this, the admin shall put ‘*’ in the last characters of the zip code which are bound to vary.
    • Example: Zip code – 85***, this will cover all the zip code of Phoenix in Arizona(US) ranging from 85001 till 85055 and can handle all possible future values.
  • This feature is very handy for managing zone-wise shipping charges. Use this feature and say bye-bye to tedious zip code entries.
14. Product Image Gallery enhancement
  • Based on additional option selection in the product price calculator, this feature presents the associated image in the product image gallery.
  • Through this, you can showcase all the attributes of an additional option in a single image to your customers. You can add different images for each additional option.
  • Your customers would love to see some engaging images in the gallery, as they select additional options in product price-calculator.
15. Secondary email ID for Customer notification
  • We have included a new site based field – ‘Secondary email ID’ in the Customer Profile on Front-Store as well as in the Admin Panel.
  • Here, you or your customer can add the secondary email ID to whom notifications are to be sent irrespective of their registration with the OnPrintShop platform.
  • This feature comes handy when your customers want their every Invoice emails to be sent to an external party be it their head or any accountant person.
  • Choose the specific email notification where such a feature is required and we will set the rest for you.
  • You can also decide on which User-type you want this facility – Only Retail Customers, Only Corporate Customers, or Both.
16. Email Templates – Redesign & Branding
  • We have redesigned all the email templates, we have cleaned the default email template contents as well as the UI. Aligned it as per the Printing Industry Standards.
  • You can also set an email signature that too separate for Corporate Users, Retail Users, and Admin, and Copywrite details in the master which will then be auto-populated on every email that is sent.
  • Also, included email Branding Structure with which you can design the templates as per your branding.
  • Example: Apply your branding background color in the templates.

Note: To apply Branding Level updates in your Email Templates, you shall have to load all the default Email Templates and Email Structures.

17. Organized customer details
  • In this release, customer details fields – Contact No. and Company Name are now part of customer details. Earlier those were a part of customer address details.
  • With this change in clustering of customer details, you will have the flexibility to add customers/contacts just by entering customer details – Email, name, contact no., company name, etc. without the worry of customer’s address.
  • In short, now you can add customers into the admin panel or customer profile with just customer details, no need to have customer address details.
18. Preview multi-page Uploaded pdf
  • Now, you can preview your uploaded pdf in a pdf file viewer. This will let us preview all the pages of your uploaded artwork.
  • Earlier, whenever a pdf file was uploaded, only its first page was shown in the preview and not the multi-page pdf. Now, you can view all of it by enabling a simple setting.
  • This will be very helpful for products that are likely to have multi-page artwork like brochures, booklets, or multi-page products.
19. Product keywords to search ‘Products’
  • We have introduced a new field – ‘Keyword’ in the product, all the keywords specified in it can be used on the Front Store for efficiently searching the products.
20. Apply Rules on ‘Extra fields’ & ‘Form fields’
  • In this release, we bring you the provision to apply different rules on the ‘Extra fields’ and ‘Form Fields’.
  • With this feature, you can apply rules on fields and handle your dependent fields effectively on the Front-Store.
  • Sometimes, it so happens that certain dependent fields are to be shown/hide based on customer’s selection. This scenario can be efficiently handled with this feature.
21. Minor Enhancements
  • Alternate text for Free Shipping charge: You will have the control to display the text you want for free shipping charges, whether it be zero, no text at all, or free whatever suits your business model.
  • Navigate to the same page after login: Now your customers will be navigated on the same page after login from the main menu. Earlier, they were redirected on the home page or my account page as per the configurations.
  • Multiple predefined quantities for Custom Size Product: Now, you can configure multiple predefined quantities (Dropdown instead of the Textbox) for ‘Custom Size Products’, just like we have for ‘Fixed Quantity and Price’ pricing method.
  • Admin images accessible in Canvas: Now the images configured by the Admin in the ‘Image’ section of Designer Studio will be accessible to the customers for Canvas Product. Earlier those were not accessible for Canvas Product.
  • Included Phone Number field in Quote: Now we have permanently included the ‘Phone Number’ field in Quote.
  • Language-wise URL redirection: We have enhanced the logic of language-wise URL redirection, now onwards, whenever a user accesses different language URLs and if that is not accessible then ‘Page not found’ error will be shown.
  • Visual proofing Tool UI enhancement: Enhanced the UI of the Visual Proofing Tool for better user experience.
  • Variable base pop-up for ‘Create copy’: The pop-up is shown while ‘creating copy’ of your saved designs, is now made variable based. If you do not want to create a copy of the same size then the pop-up can be eliminated and directly create a copy of the same size.
Designer Studio Enhancement
22. Apply background to all pages
  • Now, on a single click, you can set the background, color, images on all the pages of your product while customizing in Designer Studio.
  • With this feature, you can not only set the same background, color, and images but also the applied scaling, padding, opacity, and other properties will be applied to all pages on a single click.
  • This feature will come handy especially for products like Calendar and Photobook.
  • Say your Photobook has 20 pages, you simply have to set a background for a single page, apply proper scaling, padding and properties and click on ‘Apply All’, it will be applied to all 20 pages in a single click.
  • Use this and save your customer’s manual work to set background or apply color on all the pages individually in their customization.
23. Soft deletion of image
  • All the designer studio images now will be stored as a master image and not as a copy in any template, this will save space in the physical disk.
    • Earlier images were stored as a copy at multiple places, which led to disk storage being occupied.
  • With this implementation, we introduce ‘Soft deletion’ of an image that will delete an image from the database and free the database storage space but the image will still be available in physical storage space i.e. in the templates wherever it is already used.
  • We have also created a script for the clean up of soft-deleted images if it isn’t used in the templates.
24. Advanced Editing Options for Mobile
  • Now, you have advanced editing options on mobile. You can control whether you want to give permission to ‘move object and edit’ or just editing of the objects and not moving.
25. Minor Enhancements
  • Direct access to the user’s saved designs(portfolio): Now your customers can access their previously saved designs(i.e. their design portfolio) directly in the Designer Studio.
  • Pop-up to choose start month in Calendar: For the facility to change the ‘Start Month’ for Calendar Product, now we will give a pop-up on the first load of the Designer Studio.
  • Auto-preview enhancement in pdf Block Template: With a quick setting, you can now enable the validation pop-up only on ‘Save’, ‘Continue’ of the Design when Auto-preview and validation both are configured.
  • Included textbox along with sliders for patterns: For patterns like – Adjust Pattern, Padding, etc. we have included textbox to directly enter the value. Earlier only sliders were available.
  • Font resize without aspect ratio: Now, your customers will have the facility to resize the font without any aspect ration.
  • Resized Calendar Product’s Master Template: We have resized the Calendar product’s master template as per the standard size, meeting the printing market.
Third-Party Integration
26. WhatsApp Business API
  • Integrate with WhatsApp Business API and send them transactional notification whether it be related to Order Cycle or Sign Up.
  • Keep your customers up-to-date with their order status on their favorite Messaging App.
  • All this with user consent, if any of your customers don’t want you can simply disable it.
27. (Customer Review)
  • It’s a Customer Review Application, using it your Front-Store Customers can give review about your products and services.
  • The review can be in terms of Star Rating, Comment, or Images. Once you approve the customer review they will be shown on the Front-Store.
Solution Core Changes
  • Bug Fixes: 100+ minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Optimized Price Calculator: Centralized the Price Calculator code. Now the same price-calculator will load in ‘Product Info’ Screen, ‘Product Additional Info’ screen as well as in the Admin Panel.
  • External Services: A separate repository for all external services will be maintained, to reduce the main source code of the solution. Also, we will use common third-party libraries for different external services.
  • Image storage optimization: Introduced Soft Deletion for image storage. Images now will be stored at the master location and not as a copy.
  • Upgraded all CSS and JavaScript: We have upgraded all the third-party CSS (bootstrap v4.5) and JavaScript used in the solution (Front, Admin and Designer Studio) for better compatibility and enhanced performance.
  • Server Upgrade: We have upgraded Database Server, PDFLIB Library, Twig Template, Twig Theme, and Instagram API.