OnPrintShop Version 4.0 powered by Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 standards is faster*, responsive to automatically re-adjust as per device screen-size and has easily configurable features to design professional storefront to highlight your key products and services to engage customers and convert them into sales.

New, Improved and Most Advanced Website features ever

Powered by Bootstrap, world’s leading innovative web design technologies

Following is the summary for the scope of v4.0:

List of Upgrades

1. Responsive Layout : Built on Bootstrap standard allows you to create responsive storefront, which means your website automatically adjusts to different screen sizes to provide a native-like, smooth user-experience on various devices – laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Check out the latest responsive layouts in the Theme Library.

2. Easy Website Theme Management : New theme management makes it easier to switch between multiple themes. Sessional themes for special promotions can be configured and switch on the fly now.For Subscription clients, we will be converting their existing website themes responsive. Further to leverage new possibilities you can choose layouts from our Theme Library. or contact our professional designers for custom-built a theme exclusive to your print store.

3. Advanced Storefront Management Features : Leveraging the new and enhanced content management features of OnPrintShop V4.0, you now have limitless possibilities and control to easily create dynamic promotional banners, display products with hover effect, create intuitive navigation, and much much more. HTML help manual made available for advanced personalization website content & maintaining design consistency using WYSIWYG editor.

4. Engaging Product & Template Display : Now you have options to showcase your products with interactive motion effects such as fade, swing and slide, which gives’ your customers a life-like feel of the product and facilitates their purchase decision. Enhanced Price Calculator where your end Customers can share quote via email using built-in feature to concerned person.

5. Shopping Cart Enhancements : You further enhanced option to offer standard or express check out as per you strategy. Instead of three pages navigation now simplified with shopping cart slider navigation on single page.

6. HTML Designer Studio Enhancements : Responsive Designer Studio is upgraded with image gallery for easy selection of image & placing Q.R. Code. New image control allows user to zoom & pan images for precise placement.

7. New Features

  • Centrally manage corporate markup pricing.
  • Edit order design after order confirmation
  • Offline Payment Page
  • Admin Activity / Audit Log
  • Product Settings

Responsive Layout


OnPrintShop V4.0 is built on Bootstrap standard. So now your storefront layout and navigation automatically adjusts as per the screen size of the device it is accessed on (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone) and provides a user-experience specific to the device screen size. This eliminates customers’ inconvenience to pinch or zoom for browsing your storefront. – Responsive features perform as per the Bootstrap standard.

Easy Website Theme Management

Separate Settings for Individual Themes : Admin can choose to render specific display settings for each of the themes chosen. This allows the admin to provide a fresh user-experience with every theme.

HTML Help for Administrator : Admin can create new web pages or email templates for promotional campaigns using the readily available HTML tags. Admin will find HTML tags for creating interesting typography, arranging information in tables, image-text display, create pop-overs and more.

Advanced Storefront Management Features

Now you have much more configuration possibilities to leverage multiple content sections of specific pages and across the storefront. We have added new features to enable you to create highly professional look and feel for your storefront and highlight your key products, services and promotional offers.

Navigation Improvement

  • Product category and subcategory can be directly accessed from the top section of the storefront.
  • Pop-up for member login saves customer the need to be navigated to a separate login page

Dynamic Banner Management : Create dynamic, sliding banners with multiple effects, editable text and images. This was earlier not possible with image banner, where text had to be converted into image to create a banner.

Interactive Content Display : You can render motion effects like fade, normal image display, rounded shape image display and create pop-ups for content pages or special offers by yourself using the intuitive controls in the backend.

Multiple Product Template Display : Multiple style option to display product template from Swing, Fade, Slide, Tool Tip or no effect, which will be displayed across all the sections where templates are listed such as template listing, portfolio, Shopping Cart, Orders, etc…

Form Validation : Multiple style option to display product template from Swing, Fade, Slide, Tool Tip or no effect, which will be displayed across all the sections where templates are listed such as template listing, portfolio, Shopping Cart, Orders, etc…

Customize Tabs : Improve the look and feel of your storefront by adding an icon next to the text of each tab on the top menu. You can select from a range of icons from the backend.

Sidebar Management : Sidebar / side panels will be available only on specific pages and admin can choose to keep or remove panels on the left/right side of the home page or any other pages of the storefront.

Manage Third Party API : For easier management all third party API credentials are grouped in single interface.

Option to provide Help Template on Upload page : Earlier this was only available on product page and now you can offer ‘Help Template’ for all or selective products which acts as a sample template.

Dynamic Content Setup in Header Links : Admin can setup any kind of content as sub-menu from backend. This improves the user-experience because the customer can view content in sub-menu without being navigated away from the current page.

My Account : Update My Account dashboard’s look-&-feel and also provide facility to search portfolio and orders. Enhanced the user-interface of the My Image section.

Testimonials Display : On the home page of the storefront, client testimonials can be scrolled left-right. This optimizes the page length and makes it convenient for customers to browse testimonials on tablets and mobile phones.

FAQ Section : On the storefront, the FAQs are segregated among various headings which help the customer to quickly find an answer to the question they are looking for.

Sitemap Upgrade : Neat and crisp display of the storefront’s sitemap.

Corporate Theme Configuration : Admin can configure the theme of the login-page of corporate clients.

Breadcrumb Navigation : Breadcrumb navigation for a smooth, intuitive ordering process on the storefront.

Engaging Product Display

Product Display with Image Gallery : Display multiple product images, with option to display with slider or as thumb nail image slider.

Interactive Image-Listing : Images are listed in thumb image-listing style with possibilities for adding motion effects. In a quick glance, customer can see through your product offerings.

Quick Products Search : Search box with text prompt at the header of the storefront which facilitates the customer to quickly find specific products they are looking for, thereby improving user-experience.

Product Layout : Flexibility to create customized product layout using various options in the backend.

Product Pricing : Wide possibilities for customization to complement the pricing strategy of the print store.

Enhanced Price Calculator : Now the customers can email the estimated price with selected options to the approval authority / those concerned with the transaction directly from the price calculator interface.

Improved Rule-Based Pricing : Additional options to levy pricing rules based on textbox, text area and file upload for predefined product.

Shopping Cart Enhancements

You can choose from two check-out options (differentiated based on navigation structure):

Express Checkout: Customer gets a quick shopping cart view with one-page check out. Standard Checkout: Customer gets to view the products added in the shopping cart first, then navigated to payment page and later to order confirmation page.

HTML Designer Studio Enhancements


Enhanced HTML Designer Tool : HTML designer tool is enhanced to provide more features to adjust image, QR code, Flickr & Picasa library in a user-friendly manner.

Flex & HTML Designer Studio Enhancement : You have control to configure designer studio display option either full width or website layout fix width.

Edit HTML Template Edit after Order Confirmation : You can edit the customer’s design order using text-based studio (for block template). This functionality empowers you to support the customer in situations wherein the customer requests to edit / add text after the order has been placed.

New Features

Centrally Manage Corporate Markup Pricing : You can set the markup percentage for Corporate Clients through a separate interface. The markup can be allotted product-wise or client-wise.

Offline Payment Page : To enhance customer convenience, admin can choose to allow customers who have made offline orders to make the payment online on the storefront. The customer can simply enter the order number and pay online. This will apply only to selected payment gateways.

Admin Activity / Audit Log : An activity log is automatically created of the admin’s activity at the backend. You can view the log in ‘Audit log report’. This enhances the tractability of activities carried out by the admin.

Product Master Template : Allow changing name and sort of order Product Master Template.

Upload print ready file for predefined product from admin : Admin can upload predefined products’ print ready file and this file is available during order download.

Pay on Account Report : Admin can track orders marked as Pay on Account.

Product Settings : Product settings have been simplified with a separate section wherein you will have all the controls for product settings under Product Action menu.We have added new fields and moved some of the existing fields such as default production days, preview image settings, default font size, allow CSV upload, restrict user to order quantity and upload button style.

Technology Upgrades

We have upgraded the technology to provide flexibility and stability to solution.

Listed below are the technology upgrades for OnPrintShop V4.0:

  • Used / Support CSS3 & HTML5 features
  • Optimize website loading speed
  • Further optimized code and Project Structure
  • Debug minor and major bugs for overall improvements

Key Changes

In the process of developing an advanced web to print solution, some features had to be removed or tweaked for better performance.

Listed below are functionalities we have we have changed / removed:

  • Changes in Standard Checkout method
  • Removed Templates listing from homepage
  • Removed following options which were not required in new layouts:
    • Removed Row-wise settings in portfolio or order section, etc.
    • Removed Facebook Like & Send from template listing page
    • Removed template listing from index page
    • Removed template search vertical and horizontal setting
    • Removed product thumb image height and width option
    • Removed product large image height and width option
    • Removed display button style option
    • Removed duplicate My Account menu at My Account dashboard
    • Open ID login option
    • Removed redundant Third Party settings



Courtesy : www.getbootstrap.com Learn more about Bootstrap’s browser and device compatibility here.

  • Responsive layout works only if content is managed properly from admin side. Pages with fixed width will vary in display across devices.
  • If sidebar is enabled for specific pages which is disabled as default in the layout, the layout might be disturbed and will not be adjusted automatically.

*Grade A on YSlow, the highest rating possible. As per performance on demo site.