At OnPrintShop, we are continuously evolving our solution capabilities to help you deliver the best services to your customers and grow your online business. We are releasing OnPrintShop Version 4.3 which includes new features and enhancements to meet the changing requirements of our clients.

List of Upgrades

1. Corporate Module Enhancement:

Department Module for Corporate: Manage different departments for specific corporate, Department manager, Department wise Pay on limit, department wise order approval by department manager, Department manager can place order for specific department.

Corporate Sidebar Content Management: Access of sidebar content and sidebar management in corporate admin, Corporate feature to edit and override master sidebar, contents, links, banner etc… for corporate store front.

Corporate Designer Images: Online designer studio images can setup for specific corporate account

2. HTML Studio Text Customization OnPrintShop has come up with text personalization (Font style & color changes) in HTML studio for text element. Easily navigate text from click on canvas. 3. Customers Reward Points Module: Reward your customers with points on registration and on placing order with specific amount. Let your customer create coupon using his reward points and use that coupon for next order. 4. Template Resize: Now resize your Product templates and master templates from admin panel itself. Option to move/copy templates from one product to another with resize template.

Note: We recommended to consult OnPrintShop support team if any clarification before change it.

5. Custom Product info page layout: Customize the product information page layout according to your requirement. Just click, drag, check and select the content accordingly. 6. Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes: Banner after login and before login option, Tax Exemption for Non-profit account, Dashboard information access for admin, Index Middle area display option, Dropbox Storage, Order Cancel Status, Sales Order Report, Minor enhancement & Bug Fixes

1. Corporate Module Enhancement:

a.Department Module for Corporate: Allow your corporate admin to create Departments and assign customers under them. Assign Manger to single/multiple departments to manage corporate customer’s orders and approve their orders. Allow your corporate admin to manage department and managers information. department-info
  • Within Corporate module you can define departments, and will have department wise restricted user access, credit-limit/payon, products, design templates & approval process.
  • Two tier approval process – Manager and Super Admin can approve
  • Assign same Manger for Single/Multiple departments
  • Department-wise payment option
  • Dynamic department wise sales order and payment reports
  • Get “Payon account history” & “Printer Order Summary” for specific corporates
b. Storefront Interface for Department Manager
  • Dropdown of different assigned Departments on ‘My Account’ page
  • Filter to check department wise products, design templates, orders & pay on account
  • Managers can easily re-order
  • Interface to approve order on Order details page
order-deatils c.Corporate Sidebar Management: Now flexibility to personalize side bar in corporate module. Change sidebar content and sidebar management section menus just similar to the Links-Header/footer menu. Duplicate the Master sidebar content and override settings for the respective sidebar content. Allow your corporate client to manage the left/right sidebar for particular sections of storefront. d. Corporate Designer Images: Create image category based on user type (Retailer, Corporate, Both). Corporate Admin has access to Image section for upload images under specific assigned categories.

2. Enhanced HTML Studio with Text Personalization:

Now PDF block templates have option to offer or lock text personalization, flexibility to change font, font size and font color. Text Customization includes: • Font-Family
  • Font available here will be same as of advance Studio font list.
• Font-color picker (color-palate, Gradient panel, Code panel and Gray color)
  • Similar color type (RGB, CMYK, LAB, Spot Color) will be displayed which would have been used for the text element block while creating PDF block template.
• Font-size & style • Single click on left to Personalize template personalization

3. Customers Reward Points Module:

Increase client loyalty, repeat business, and promote specific products by offering reward points on purchase. You have option to define reward point depending on invoice amount & product wise. Define point conversion to credit amount, which can be redeemed by end customer creating discount coupon from my account. Search the history of coupons created using the earned points by Name, email, Date. Friendly “Reward Point” interface under My Account section.
  • Statistic of earned points
  • Interface to generate coupon using earned points.
  • Coupon history with status of coupon, amount, expiry date and order reference number.

4. Template Resize:

Now you can “Duplicate Template with Resize”, templates can be resized based on template types (Product Templates and Product Master Templates).

Update Existing Templates or Create New : Templates of SELECTED PRODUCT will be moved to SELECTED NEW PRODUCT with resize for product templates section or copy and create new.

Note: We recommended to consult OnPrintShop support team if any clarification before change it.

5. Dynamic Product Info page layout:

Design your own product info page layout from admin according to your requirement. Just click, drag, check and set the content accordingly and get a custom product info page layout ready. Duplicate the standard layouts and edit those layouts as per your requirement or create new layout.
  • Select the elements from the dropdown and add it to the layout.
  • Element added once cannot be added again (can be used once).
  • Drag, resize or delete the element from the layout area.
  • Use Content1, Content2, and Content3 in order to arrange the blocks vertically.
  • Set the sort order of the blocks by dragging to the required place.

6. Other Enhancements:

Banner after login and before login option: Now set banner for non-registered customer and registered customer separately at single click while creating banners.

Tax Exemption for Non-profit account: Set your retail and/or corporate client to exempt from the Tax amount calculated on order amount. Tax exemption can be levied for the customer using bulk CSV upload as well.

Limiting critical information access: Restrict sub-admin from your confidential data on admin dashboard while assigning Group access to Sub-admin.

Index Middle area display option: Get more option to set index page of your website with ‘Product Category’ and ‘Product Category Group’.

Dropbox Storage: Now get another Storage Service. Store your large files on Dropbox. Amazon could storage or drop box activate at one time.

Order Cancel Status: Set Order status as Cancelled similar as marking Order Status as Completed. If normal coupon or coupon created by redeeming reward points is used then coupon will be available for next use and will be added in Reward point’s history with active status. If Cancelled order was been placed by Payon Account payment method then debited amount will be credit back to the corporate account.

Sales Order Report: Sales Order report based on multiple Order status.

Minor enhancement & Bug Fixes: Minor Enhancement and OPS v4.2 bug fixes. Facility to hide image element if no image founds for product or product category.

Upgrade Complementry template Library