We are excited to announce the launch of the OnPrintShop Version 4.3! Continuing our commitment to enhance our solution, our team has been relentlessly working to bring you version 4.3 that gives you more ways to grow your business. The latest version has features to help you get more clients, delight them with enhanced user-experience and increase revenue.

Latest Solution Upgrades:

1. Corporate Module Enhancement:

Department Module for Corporate: Manage different departments for specific corporate, Department manager, Department wise Pay on limit, department wise order approval by department manager, Department manager can place order for specific department.

Corporate Sidebar Content Management: Access of sidebar content and sidebar management in corporate admin, Corporate feature to edit and override master sidebar, contents, links, banner etc… for corporate store front.

Corporate Designer Images: Online designer studio images can setup for specific corporate account

2. HTML Studio Text Customization:

OnPrintShop has come up with text personalization (Font style & color changes) in HTML studio for text element. Easily navigate text from click on canvas.

3. Customers Reward Points Module:

Reward your customers with points on registration and on placing order with specific amount. Let your customer create coupon using his reward points and use that coupon for next order.

4. Template Resize:

Now resize your Product templates and master templates from admin panel itself. Option to move/copy templates from one product to another with resize template.

Note: We recommended to consult OnPrintShop support team if any clarification before change it.

5. Custom Product info page layout:

Customize the product information page layout according to your requirement. Just click, drag, check and select the content accordingly.

6. Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

Banner after login and before login option, Tax Exemption for Non-profit account, Dashboard information access for admin, Index Middle area display option, Dropbox Storage, Order Cancel Status, Sales Order Report, Minor enhancement & Bug Fixes.

Learn more about OnPrintShop Version 4.3 solution upgrade.