Online VDP Solution

Print buyers (even of small size) are adopting targeted personalized communication as a marketing strategy. They are segmenting their target customers based on age, income, place, preferences, etc and sending them personalized mailers with specific information only.

For SME printers this is a great new business opportunity. However till date variable data printing has been limited to big printers only. The reasons for this are: high cost, need of highly trained manpower to operate, IT team for solution maintenance, etc.

Now OnPrintShop has developed a highly user friendly online VDP solution for SME printers. Our solution addresses the challenges of small companies, entrepreneurs, and digital print service providers and lets them explore Web2Print based VDP. Our Online VDP solution was also nominated in MUST SEE section at Graph Expo 2012.

How Our Solution Works

  • Product Selection
  • Upload CSV data
  • or Purchase List from U.S.A Data
  • Know Cost based on Reciepient
  • Choose Template Design
  • or Create New
  • Add Variable Information
Merging Rules
  • Data Segmentation
  • Conditionally Personalise Design Elements
Preview and Order
  • Perview
  • Place Order
  • Generate Unique Designer per customer with Optimised PDF

Key Highlights of Online VDP Solution

Online Studio: We offer online design tools to create printable documents either from blank canvas or existing templates.
Most VDP software are desktop based and need trained personnel to design and produce artwork. This becomes costly and keeps average small buyers away. Our solution breaks this loop.

Optimized PDF Output: Our solution produces high quality ‘optimized PDF’ (with X-Referencing Objects) to ensure same objects are not embedded again in document. Most RIP’s can process this PDF file by caching repeat objects and produce print at high speed.

Smaller Jobs: Printers can accept variable jobs for smaller quantities at attractive prices.

Easy Re-order: Users can order and re-order/modify campaigns for future needs. They can deliver target based content in their print campaigns.