Challenges – 70% orders need to be delivered within 2 to 3 days

The major challenge is managing 70%-80% of orders that come offline which needs manual processes to create orders, personalize artwork, approval & print production. Any delay in any process, means you fail to deliver on time and not meet the timelines committed to your customers.

One Click Automation helps PSPs to simplify and automate order with artwork creation for bulk orders, reducing dependency on designers, manual activities on multiple systems and it has the ability to directly push new orders into production.

Process Orders in minutes vs. hours, reducing dependency on Designers

Most PSPs’ challenge is in processing offline orders with personalized artwork for large B2B/Corporate or B2C orders coming from marketplaces.

B2Bs submit orders via email with product details & Graphic Designers at Printers’ End need to create personalized artwork, send for approval and only then can it go into production. If, for any reason orders get delayed, then you might lose a key customer. Now, with One Click Automation PSPs just need to create all B2B clients’ storefronts, key products, branded templates in OnPrintShop only once.

Now B2B & B2C clients order online or not, in just a click once you upload the pre-defined order excel sheet with specific details, it will auto-create personalized artwork & online orders. Designers can now focus on creating more designs instead of working on similar designs repetitively.

Key people focusing on growth tasks rather than being occupied in day-to-day operations

Most SME companies are struggling to grow, as their best people are involved in making sure that their key accounts are retained. As most PSPs are processing offline orders via MIS or Accounting solutions, which means that customers don’t have direct access to ordering details and the key people are involved in taking care of the completion of the process within the defined timeline as well as provide updates to the customers.

Once you upload the predefined Excel sheet, it will create new users, design files, auto-push the orders into production. OnPrintShop allows you to further auto-update the key people as well as the customers. The customers can have the access to their My Account which gives them the Ordering History & its details. Due to this process, the key people can now engage on more clients & the junior team can focus on their day-to-day work.

Centrally Manage Orders and have detailed, Customer Analytics

Currently PSPs are getting orders via Web to Print, emails, calls, which are being managed through different solutions – Web to Print, MIS, Accounting & Excel sheets. This means multiple teams, multiple processes and high costs. Orders via Web to Print are processed faster and are automated, whereas offline orders are being processed through MIS or Accounting, where customers don’t have access to reorder or to view reports, and print ready files are also manually created. OnPrintShop One Click Ordering enables to manage all sales channels, offline and online orders together, means you have complete control over sales and detailed customer analytics, which means PSPs can be proactive in decision-making.


OnPrintShop offers rules-based templates to maintain brand guidelines as well as custom design capabilities. Having predefined questions, “is huge,” as it eliminates a ton of back and forth. It’s critical to be able to get the artwork processed quickly, and to give customers exactly what they want.


President, FireSprint


"Traditional proofing system was excessively lengthy and involved several rounds of mailing proofs. Customers were restricted to only upload their file and couldn’t preview artwork before ordering. The need of an online design tool and file uploader with preview during checkout process made us consider a web to print solution quickly, and to give customers exactly what they want.”


Owner, 55 printing