Last week I wrote a blog post about the Indian printer’s story in which the printer was worried about his child’s admission and the conversation directed towards the business prospect of investing in Web to Print.

Now next question for Parents is how to select right school for child? And for printer, how to select right Web2Print/Print Order Management (POM) for his print business.

Parents are looking for school, which have the best practices to develop a child with right values, attitude and skills to be successful. They are not looking for schools where child mug up things. Teachers who can guide a child to identify his strengths and help him to get admission in right graduation programs.

Similarly a printer is looking for the right Web to Print/POM that helps their customers to grow with the best practices that help streamline internal processes for increasing internal team’s productivity.

Web2Print service provider acts like consultants just like teachers help kids, to choose the right solution, implement and constantly upgrade to meet changing needs of customers.

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7 worthy questions ask to the school / institute and Web2Print providers before investing!

Sr. Question to ask school/institute before investing in education Questions to ask Web to Print provider before investing in Web2Print
1 What is that I am looking from school?
  • Only Education
  • Sports / Co-curricular Activities
  • Both Education and Sports
  • Board – CBSE / ICSE / IB
What is that I am looking from Web to Print?
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Print Order Management for existing customers
  • Both Sales and Print Order Management
2 What is school’s approach?
  • Child Centric
  • Teacher Centric
  • Liberal
  • Disciplined
  • Teachers Training
What is the Web2Print Solution capabilities?
  • Generic Ecommerce
  • Specially designed solution for print industry to manage sales and automate print ordering
3 Does school help parents and students when you have problems and guide you proactively? Does the Web to Print company have Consultants to help customers take right decision and share best practices to grow? Do they have very strong personalized Support Services?
4 Does school continuously keep optimizing it’s approach and introduce new skills as per the changing needs? Does the Web2Print solution keep upgrading solutions and adding new features or give flexibility to customize solutions to match changing needs?
5 Does School have strong Alumni and Achievements? Does Web to Print company have success stories and feedbacks?
6 Does School have experts for various subjects and games? Does Web2Print have specially designed solutions for various print products & sales channels?
7 Does school treat every child at the same ground? Does Web to Print provider solve printer’s queries with the same intensity? Whether it is small or larger printer enterprise.

Right education v/s Right Web2Print service!

These are the parameters you need to know while investing in the right place whether it is education or web to print.

Parameters In Education In print
  • Have you defined the needs & how you want them to grow?
  • Is it about only education or you want your child to get pro in various fields too.
  • It is similar to the discussion and the doubts you have while you decide to have web to print.
  • Have you defined the business needs? Why you need web to print?
  • Whether you should go for an automated system or for sales tools?
  • Does your child able to adapt the environment?
  • Will he be happy to learn?
  • Similarly while opting web to print you should know will the system you are opting be accessible you’re your clients? Or will it be complex?
End result
  • Will your child be successful and happy after this?
  • While in web to print you calculate ROI. Will it be a worthy investment?

Everybody educates their child. But you need to decide how you will make a difference similarly every Web to Print provider will give you services you need to decide which is better for you and will make a difference.

Thinking about investing in Web2Print is simple but to make your investment in web to print simpler, I have made this blog with various different questions you should ask.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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