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The print reselling business model has attained outstanding traction over the years in the print industry because of its ease, cost-effectiveness, dynamic nature, and high chances to stay profitable. However, not everyone knows the strategic and effective approach to starting a print reseller business. If you are one of them, this blog is a must-read for you. It will help you understand everything that is important about a print reseller business. Happy reading!

In today’s digitization-led innovative world, an unwavering demand exists for tangible and unique print products. As the print industry thrives, print resellers lie at the core of this renaissance. The print reseller market is growing tremendously worldwide as this innovative print business model bridges the gap between creativity and customer demands. With endless possibilities of success while facing minimum business hassles, establishing yourself as a print reseller will be fantastic!

In this blog, we will comprehensively discuss everything necessary for starting a reselling business, from the significance of a print reseller network to steps to begin with print reseller e-commerce, how a trade printer solution can be helpful, and whatnot! Whether you are a seasoned print service provider looking to expand your horizon into the reseller business or a novice printer seeking insights into this flourishing print reselling realm, this blog is your compass. With a finger on the pulse of the actionable knowledge about print reseller business online, we invite you to embark on this journey with us and pave your path towards rising as a successful print reseller.

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What Do You Mean by a Print Reseller?

A print reseller is an individual or business that connects end customers and printing companies by fulfilling orders of various types of print products without owning their in-house printing equipment.The print reseller business plan primarily comprises sales, marketing, designing, customizations, and order-taking capabilities. Once orders are placed, wholesale printers for resellers come into the picture as they take care of the production and printing. This type of business model of a print reseller program makes it profitable as you, as a reseller, can offer colossal print products to buyers without bearing any associated overhead costs involved in maintaining a full-proof printing infrastructure.

With the advent of the web to print or w2p lately, print resellers can automate the ordering process, let customers custom design on their own, and do a lot more, in turn, delivering memorable customer experiences.

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Print Reseller Network – A Crux Idea

The term print reseller network is often used in the printing industry for a collaborative ecosystem of various print resellers, printing companies, and relevant stakeholders. This network works systematically by connecting reseller printing services with multiple print vendors in one place. The print reseller network functions with a cooperative approach with the ultimate goal of enhancing individual resellers’ offerings and competencies, leveraging collective resources and valuable partnerships within the printing industry.

By making the most out of a print reseller network, you can expand your product range irrespective of your business model. Whether you are a generic print reseller or have a reselling print-on-demand business, there is scope for all! Moreover, you can meet specific customer demands and ensure high-quality print results by working with different wholesale print vendors of the network having expertise in various dimensions of print production. Also, when you become an integral part of a print reseller network, you can scale your business by tapping into the network’s resources and partners as demand grows.

Top Benefits of Becoming a Print Reseller

Does print reselling look appealing to you?

It is a great idea to enter the print industry as this business model offers several unique benefits. We have discussed the top ones among them below:

  • You only need to make a small investment as a reseller printer because a third-party print vendor will suffice your printing needs. You don’t have to spend on setting up printing equipment and other physical frameworks.
  • In print reselling, you can save costs and time without worrying about the maintenance, repair, or upgrades of printing machines
  • Print reselling is about leveraging partnerships and volume discounts through a reseller network. This, in turn, can help you with offering cost-effective printing solutions to end customers, doubling up your customer experience levels
  • You can focus more on strengths like sales, marketing, and customer relationship management while not worrying about the production
  • As your business grows, you can scale up with varied product offerings by collaborating with more and more printing partners and eventually reaching a more extensive customer base
  • You can instantly create dynamic printing reseller websites by utilizing a web to print software, the most popular technology in the print reselling business landscape
  • It is possible to function virtually from anywhere as a print reseller, so you can attain the utmost geographic flexibility
  • In the print reselling business, networking is critical, and that boosts your probability of collaborating, gathering knowledge, and ensuring business growth
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How Can You Establish a Print Reselling Business?

Now that you know the significance of setting up a print reseller business, are you all set to establish one? Don’t wait anymore! Get started now. Below is a step-by-step guide to starting a reselling business. Read on.

How to Start a Print Reselling Business

Do Your Groundwork & Arrangement

The first and foremost thing you should do to establish a print reseller business is comprehensive research and planning. Begin with researching the latest trends in the printing industry, understand how you can automate your printshop, and explore different types of printing services, like digital printing, offset printing, screen printing, etc. After you finish that, you must choose a specific niche you want to focus on and select products you wish to offer.

Setup Your Business

Next, decide the structure of your prospective print reselling business as you move forward. Whether you want to go for sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC, finalize that and register your business according to the laws of your country or region. Make sure you have obtained the required licenses and permits. Now it’s time to plan your business. Define your goals and objectives, explore your target market, set up your pricing strategy, make the financial projections, and have your growth plan ready.

Select Your Printing Partners

You must choose your desired wholesale print partners or trade printers now. This is one of the most critical steps to take care of while starting a print reseller business. Because you will trust the trade printers for printing, you must be cautiously deciding upon them.

Look for those companies that offer premium quality products with affordable pricing and trustable services. Understanding their operational model, pricing, and minimum order requirements is critical. You must also legally review the terms and conditions of trade print reseller agreements. All these together finally make you ready for the next step.

Focus on Branding & Create a Reseller Online Store

Once you finish the basic steps mentioned above, it’s time to go online and create your digital brand identity. Go for a business name, logo, and branding material showcasing your niche and service type. Using print shop management software to set up your online store would be the best idea here. It can ensure a user-friendly website, helping you give better visibility to your printing solutions, products, contact information, etc. Leveraging w2p for creating an online store will also help you keep your website SEO-optimized.

Plan the Order Management Process

After you have set up your digital store and organized the forefront, it’s time to define and finalize your print order management system. Ensure it is automated enough to quickly push the orders to your print partners’ system and fulfill them as soon as possible.

You must focus on curating a streamlined end-to-end order management process that should start from order placement until payment and delivery. Simultaneously, it is also critical to coordinate and communicate with your print suppliers at this stage. This helps you ensure efficient production and timely delivery of orders to your customers.

Customer Engagement, Marketing & Promotions

After you are done with the fundamental establishment of your print reseller business, you must focus on offering solid customer experience and building strong relationships with them. Make it a point to respond to inquiries promptly, address customers’ problems, and ensure timely delivery of orders. Leveraging the power of B2B web to print, you can offer all that with utmost precision and efficiency.

Moreover, remember to leverage proactive digital marketing strategies like social media, email, and content marketing to reach your target audience. Also, attend industry events, trade shows, and networking events to connect to your fellow print resellers, potential clients, and trade printers. Building invaluable relationships can help you gain extraordinary credibility in the print reseller business.

Unveiling the Trade Printer Significance

In the above discussion, you have already read about trade printers. Now it is the time to explore and understand their enormous importance in the print reselling business. Yes! We are talking about your print partners or suppliers!

Trade printers are professional printing companies with a B2B business model and typically serve print resellers, designers, and other printing industry businesses instead of end-buyers directly. In a nutshell, they provide printing services to resellers like you at wholesale prices, allowing you to rebrand and resell the printed products to your customers!

At OnPrintShop, you get the amazing extra perk of accessing the top trade printers or suppliers very easily. As our trusted web-to-print software seamlessly integrates with the popular suppliers in the print market, like Sina Printing, 4Over,, & Route 1 Print, you can directly leverage their potential while setting up an online store with us.

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How Can You Choose the Best Trade Printer for Your Print Reseller Business?

There is a myriad of trade printers out there in the print industry. And with so many known names, it often becomes difficult for print resellers like you to choose the best trade printing company to support your business. Below are the most prominent factors you should consider while selecting the best trade printer, and you will be able to partner with the most appropriate one per your needs.

  • High-quality printing capability
  • A wide range of services and products aligning with your business needs
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Reliability & consistency to deliver as promised
  • Price competitiveness, the right balance between cost and quality
  • Available print customization options
  • The technology involved; the most modern print technology must be desired
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Location of the trade printer; a nearby location can save your shipping costs, delivery times, and communication effort
  • The flexibility to accommodate your future growth

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OnPrintShop’s holistic web-to-print SaaS solution is pivotal in boosting print reseller businesses. We can help you with automated order management, streamlined operations, enhanced customer experience, user-friendly storefronts, powerful design tools, and a vast product range. And that’s how we promise to empower you so you can stand out in the competitive print reselling market.

With our above out-of-the-box web-to-print solutions, we have helped many print business enthusiasts across the world establish their print reseller business successfully for over a decade. So, ready to digitize and elevate your print reseller business? Without any more ado, explore our award-winning w2p solutions today and transform how you do your business.

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Yes, the print reseller business model is all about selling print products without taking the printing responsibility yourself. As your wholesale print partner takes care of that, you can consistently focus on sales, marketing, and the strategic part to quickly grow your business.

You can get your products from wholesale or trade printers who are your partners in the business.

There is no such specific cost range for starting a print reseller business. It can vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars based on the below categories of expenses:

  • The variety and quantity of your initial inventory
  • Legal & business setup costs, based on your operational location
  • Monthly operational expenses – utilities, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Packaging & shipping costs – based on the size of print products you sell

Definitely, not. The print reseller business is completely legal across the world.

There is no such specific one-for-all minimum order quantity that print resellers must place to trade printers. It can vary depending on the trade printers and products. Some printers have minimum order values for some or all products, while others are more flexible.