I was in conversation with one of Indian Printers who was worried about getting admission for his child in Pre-K grade and very interesting interaction came up, that how education is a key to create a strong foundation for a child and similarly how business software is critical to create processes and consistent growth in an organization. This is how our conversation started.

Q. When I asked, why do we invest in children’s education?

A. It will build a strong foundation for children.

Q. When you think you need to give the right education to your children?

A. I got an answer, from the very beginning.

Q. Why you think from the very beginning, your child needs to have the right education?

A. Child is more adaptable at the earlier stage.

Then the conversation took a place towards business point where every printer can reflect himself and here it goes-

Just as you focus on creating a strong foundation for your child giving right education, how do you create a strong foundation for your print business?

As most print companies find it very easy to invest in machines, but they struggle to create processes that can create a proactive environment to grow.

Q. When is the right time to invest in Print Order Management, MIS, ERP?

A. Implementation of software will be important once we will grow. It is not needed when we have just started and in growing phase.

Q. Do you think, as a business grows it becomes difficult to implement and most importantly even difficult to grow beyond a point?

A. Yes, as my business grows, we are very much involved in the day to day activities and teams have also become comfortable that anything new is big NO NO.

Q. If you could restart your business now, what would you change?

A. Now I really believe that from day one I would like to start focusing on investing in best practices. Depending on the size and need for organization, I can keep changing the software, just as we keep changing educational institutes as a child grows.

This conversation became more interesting when we came up with the successful brand stories who followed process-orientated approach.

If you look at Vista, Mc Donald, Pizza Hut or any global brands, they are what they are because they can replicate there structure across the globe.

You can read success stories of successful clients who have implemented Web2Print and think that software investment is as important investment as your investment in child’s education.

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff.

– Naresh Bordia, V.P. Business Development