One of the challenges Print Providers faces is attending customer calls to share order updates. Tracking each order status is a nightmare for them, and often orders are delayed due to miscommunication with clients regarding print-ready files. This miscommunication caused a delay in fulfilling orders and unhappy customers as well.

The situation multiplies as the number of jobs rises and production manages multiple jobs simultaneously. As job moves from various departments and due to the lack of a centralized communication platform tracking orders through production, the chances of errors increase. Depending on the sales channel, print providers often resort to different tools like Excel Sheets, project management tools like Trello, and MIS to manage their workload and struggle as they have to use multiple systems for order processing.

The need is to have a Job Board that can help track every online and offline orders from retail or B2B at various stages with a timeline, with an option to auto-send customer updates at every stage and manage customer communication to speed up production. Having a clear understanding of a job’s status is vital for print providers to prioritize their workload and improve their overall efficiency.

benefits of job board

OnPrintShop web2print has integrated Order Management with Job Board, which allows to create product specific workflows and auto-transfer orders to production or vendor. The job board gives print providers the status of every order based on job status, ensuring that they meet deadlines and deliver high-quality output. OnPrintShop team consistently works with 1000s of printers to understand their challenges to optimize productivity and customer experience. With the inputs of our customers, we recently upgraded our job board, introducing several new features and benefits to help print providers manage their workload more efficiently.

Personalized Job Board

The OnPrintShop job board just got even better! With the latest upgrade, print providers can now personalize the job board to suit their individual needs. The default view is Grid View, but logged-in admins can easily switch to Summary View or List View, and their preferences will be saved for future use.

The new Settings feature allows admins to select which statuses are displayed on the job board, making it easier to prioritize and manage orders. Additionally, they can choose to edit orders or change the status using drag & drop functionality. For added convenience, admins can also select up to three additional options to be displayed alongside other order details.

3 views of onprintshop job board

Another new feature is the ability to choose the number of past and future days to keep track of orders, helping to improve organization and efficiency even further.

By providing such comprehensive customization options, OnPrintShop is making it easier than ever for print providers to keep track of their orders and production activities. With improved visibility and increased flexibility, print providers can streamline their workflows and improve productivity.

Status as per Workflow/Departments

To effectively manage your orders, it’s crucial to keep track of their progress and status. To make this easier, you can create the statuses as per your departments or workflow in the Order Status section and then choose the statuses to display on the job board using the Settings icon. All the statuses for which the “Use on job board” option is enabled will be displayed on the job board for selection.

Color-Coded Job Status

In order to help easily identify the status of a job, we have implemented a system where each status is assigned a specific color code. These color codes are displayed on the job board and can be found in the Order Status section of the Order Module. This system makes it simpler and quicker to determine the current status of a job.

Easy Drag & Drop

We have made it incredibly simple to update the status of a job. If you need to change the status of a job to move it forward in the process, you can easily do so by selecting the job from the job board and then dragging and dropping it into the next status block.

onprintshop jobborad now supports drag&drop and barcode scanning

Job Ticket Management with Barcode:

We have introduced a new feature that allows for the management of job tickets using Barcode Scanning. With Barcode Scanning, you can find and update the status of each ticket throughout the process by just scanning the barcode on the job ticket. This enhancement is designed to simplify the order management process and increase efficiency for all involved.

Why the “Job Board” is a Must?

The Job Board is an essential tool for any print service provider, particularly as their business grows and orders number start to rise. With the latest upgrades to the Job Board, managing a high volume of orders has never been easier. Here are some key benefits of the new features:

Job Prioritization & timely delivery

The Job Board allows businesses to track and manage orders from start to finish, providing real-time visibility into order status, inventory levels, and shipping information. This helps to identify potential delays or issues and take corrective action to ensure timely delivery, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Increase Efficiency

It is very important for the printers to understand how much time is taken on each activity during the order fulfillment. With color code statuses, order modification, and easy status updates, the printers can save time in order fulfillment activities and increase their working efficiency.

The Take Away

It is very important to track the jobs for the print provider so they can identify any possible delays either from the internal team or the client side.

Connect with our Feature Experts to learn more and start implementing the best practices to manage your orders and offer your customers a great purchase experience.