Complimentary Templates

Sr. Product NameSize TitleNo. Of sideWidth (IN)Height (IN)Width (MM)Height (MM)Total
1Standard Business Cards2 x 3.523.752.2295.2556.3881550
2Flyers One SideA4 – 8.25 x 11.6718.511.92215.9302.76825
A5 – 8.25×5.8118.56.06215.9153.92431
A4 – 8.5×1118.7511.25222.25285.7599
3LetterheadA4 – 8.27 x 11.698.511.92215.9302.7681274
4Postcards5 x 727.255.25184.15133.35101
4 x 624.256.25107.95158.751201
5Envelopes9.75 x 4.3719.754.37247.65110.9981366
7Greeting Cards10 x 7210.257.25260.35184.15121
8Catalogs Both Sidecatalog_8.5 x 1128.7511.25222.25285.751
9 Banners72×36 inch172361828.8914.4151
10Posters10 x 15110.2515.25260.35387.35146
11Door Hangers Two Side5.25×8.525.58.75139.7222.2550
12Flyers Both SideA4 – 8.5×1128.7511.25222.25285.7525
13Door Hangers Single Side5.25×8.525.58.75139.7222.2550
14CD Label4.625×4.62514.634.63117.602117.602131
15Mouse-Pad8.75 x 7.7518.757.75222.25196.8589
17Door Hanger Cylindrical Round3.5 x 8.523.758.7595.25222.2510
18Door Hanger Round Corner3.5×8.523.758.7595.25222.2520
20Yard Sign Banners24 x 24 inch12424609.6609.637
60 x 48 inch1604815241219.219
21Custom Shape Magnet2 x 2 inch12.122.1253.84853.84830
22Square Magnets3 x 2 inch13.252.2582.5557.1541
23NCR Form8.5 x 11 inch18.7511.25222.25285.7515
24Bookmark Two side2 x 7 inch22.257.2557.15184.1575
25Bookmark One Side2.5×7 inch12.757.2569.85184.1560
26Mini Presentation Folders4 x 6 inch (Close Size)19.259.25234.95234.9582
27Table Tent Card Three Side15 x 5 inch (Three Side)115.755.25400.05133.3515
28Table Tent Card Two Side5.5 x 8.5 inch25.758.75146.05222.2525
29Compliment Slip8 x 4 inch18.254.25209.55107.95165
30Skinny Business Cards3.5 x 1.5 inch23.751.7595.2544.4560
34Calendar11 x 17 inch111.2517.25285.75438.1515
35Metallic Business Card3.5 x 2 inch23.752.2595.2557.1532
36Car Door Magnets11.25×17.2511117279.4431.842
37Business Card Magnets3.25×4.2513476.2101.642
38Wall Calendar Double Page8×11128.3911.39213.106289.30640
39Wall Calendar Single Page8×11128.3911.39213.106289.30640
40Desk Calendar8×5.5128.395.89213.106149.60640
41Landscape Photo BookA4 – 11×82011.398.39289.306213.10620
42Portrait Photo BookA4 – 8×11208.3911.39213.106289.30620
43Square Photo Book (12×12 In)12×122012.3912.39314.706314.70620
44Square Photo Book (8×8 In)8×8208.398.39213.106213.10620
Total Standard Product Templates 7727Total Calendar Templates 120Total Photobook Templates 80

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All clients will get the templates as per the date of registration
  2. All templates are complimentary & available in standard sizes, we are not liable do any client specific or region specific changes
  3. Clients can also hire OnPrintShop Graphic Designer to create custom templates for specific size