58% of printers in the USA are online, while others are uncertain whether investing in web-to-print will help them achieve business success. To ease the decision dilemma, web-to-print champions at OnPrintShop have shortlisted 5 most critical points to consider while making the buying decision.

Below listed 5 points are an extract from insights gathered over 8+ years of working closely with startup printers to large print brokers who cater to Fortune 500 companies:


1. Easy Adaptability

Today PSPs are struggling to shift from traditional model to web-to-print. Few of the key factors for failure is lack of easy adaptability by internal team and end clients, integration with existing systems and support to quickly learn new solution. We are proud to be recognized as the most easy to use solutions, provide interactive trainings & real-time support 24/5.

2. Define the Right Strategy to Go Online

Majority of PSPs struggle to define right strategy to go online. OnPrintShop being an IT company with a 300+ team of highly experienced technology & management members, we work along our clients to consult and educate to define key success factors, define plans to deliver solutions in time & budget to start generating results.

3. Decide: Off-the-Shelf Software vs. Develop In-House

PSPs find themselves in a decision dilemma of whether to go with an off-the-shelf solution which does not give them the flexibility to customize, or develop in-house which means sustaining IT team at very high cost. We offer clients flexibility to choose SaaS (rental model) or highly customizable License solution. They can later on leverage our solution flexibility to migrate to our wide range of solutions – Multi Store, Trade Printer, Online Photobook, Book Module & custom development.

4. Flexible to Match Fast Changing Technology & Client Preferences

Responding to the fast changing preferences means you need a solution provider who is flexible and have all the resources to keep you ahead of competition. Our solutions are powered by the latest and robust technologies to increase repeat sales from retail & corporate clients & reduce cost up to 60%.

5. Dealing with One or Multiple Vendors to Set Up

Coordinating with multiple agencies to set up online business is tedious and can pile up to your overheads. OnPrintShop clients are relaxed as we are one-stop solution for all their IT needs – no need to hire IT team. We upgrade solution, provide custom developments, template design & store set up services.