Workflow Automation / Integration for Print Service Provider

In today’s competitive environment key focus of PSPs (Print Service Providers) is to reduce their operations cost. Most PSPs have their own existing workflow for processing print orders. They manually download their orders from web2print solution and push them into their workflow hotfolders.

At OnPrintShop we use XML/CSV standard to connect your front store and online order procurement with backend of your production workflow. The integration removes the need to manually download orders, sort them, and push them into hot folders of workflow.

Benefits of Our Workflow Automation and Integration

  • Our integration automates entire process from online order to fulfillment.
  • It removes manual processes of downloading and sorting orders from storefront and putting them into workflow.
  • It reduces human errors and increases efficiency.
  • Automation improves turnaround time and overall productivity.
  • It requires least amount of monitoring.
  • Our integration does not make changes to existing workflow.
  • You can configure hot folder settings and connect storefront with workflow back-end according to your requirements.

Workflow Integration with Heidelberg Using CSV


Integration with Existing Workflow Using XML For Printer


Connect Your Storefront to Production Environment

OnPrintShop web2print solution is an integrated online order management system and generates print ready PDF files. Users can place order with template or upload print ready files. The addition module of CSV/XML integration bridges the gap between online orders and workflow (hot folders) setup in production environment.

Orders are sorted by product & pushed automatically in CSV/XML format to remote location in relevant folders. Our solution is designed as flexible or configurable where workflow can either pull orders from our server or we can push orders via FTP into remote destination.

PSPs have an easy and cost effective add on workflow integration solution to automate the entire process from online order to fulfillment.

This way you have a completely integrated solution with least efforts and without making any changes to your existing workflow. You have an online personalized web store and user friendly admin panel to manage front store and clients and workflow integration using XML or CSV output. We have further developed high end customized workflow integration after understanding our clients’ unique needs.