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Wide Format Print Market

With Specially designed Module to offer Custom Size Estimations, Designing & Shipping

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Key Features

B2C / B2B / Franchise Stores

Online Estimator Fixed & Custom

Online Designing Custom size

Large Files Cloud Upload

Shipping – Dimension & Weight-based

Wide Format Graphics application is growing among both Retail & Corporate clients.

As Digital Print technology has made possible to offer personalization, printing on varied media/substrates, interactive printing, finishing and lot more. More and more customers are looking for innovative ways to communicate.

Major wide format printer’s challenges managing B2B & B2C are last minute ordering & need quick turnaround, due to personalization small orders are increasing, pricing pressure and managing shipping.

OnPrintShop offers all you need to simplify ordering & reduce operation costs to engage major wide format consumers – Hospitality industry, Education, Retail, Food chains, retail customers. Available both as SAAS & Custom license with option to integrate best of third party solutions, to become a one-stop solution provider for clients.

Retail Store Front

Simplify ordering for Retail Customers

Offer wide range of wide format products along with other print products to increase repeat sales. Online marketing tools to reach out to target audience & easy ordering flow to personalize banners, posters. Complete order management to make small orders profitable. Also Vendor Module to outsource jobs to Partners.

Increase Sales engaging Large Corporates/Franchisee Chains

B2B clients are looking for PSP’s who can help them grow by centrally managing branded templates & simplify complex ordering process. Every corporate comes with unique needs. This is where, OnPrintShop offers flexibility to customize corporate branded store to manage specific order flow, approval rules, order injection, managing multiple franchises, SSO, third party integrations, & multiple shipping and payment options.

B2B Store Front
Dynamic Custom Size Calculator

Dynamic Custom Size Calculator

OnPrintShop offers a dynamic pricing calculator with rule-based options providing an instant estimation and you can email too. In the case of wide format customers, they can access real-time quotes based on pre-defined and custom sizes and additional attributes are calculated on the basis of perimeter, area and much more.

Custom Size Personalization

OnPrintShop offers Customers option to design custom sized products & quickly order. Also, offer ready to use template for fixed sizes & flexibility to create high end design template for customers to personalize, large file upload and hire a designer options. Variable Data Personalization, using CSV based mass template personalization, get online preview for eliminating errors and offering quality output.

Custom Size Personalization & VDP
Shipping Management

Wide Format Shipping Management

Shipping is a major challenge and especially when you deal with your large format customer’s needs. OnPrintShop has designed solution to easily manage package configuration for custom sizes and pre-defined size for each product and add a handling cost too.

Easily provide third-party integrations with major shipping providers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx Standard & freight

Automate Order & Production Management

Automate Print Order Management once order is placed. OnPrintShop will auto generate Invoice, Job Ticket, Shipping labels. Also now you can track your internal production as the order moves from pre-press to various machines & shipping. As job moves internally, you have option to update status to clients, keep customers updated and optimize production process.

Automate Order & Production Management