Wide Format Module

OnPrintShop introduces online wide format module for PSPs to allow users to order online large format products such as banners, posters and many more. Key benefit of the module is that PSPs can offer custom sizes to end clients with option to design online or upload files. Instant Price Calculator will provide pricing based on the size inputs of width and height and additional product options.

Wide format as of now is only available as add-on in license solution.

Objectives of Wide Format Module

  • Add large size products like banners and posters to product line.
  • Allow customers to define their own custom size for products.
  • Offer automated price calculations based on product size and additional product options selected by customers.
  • Increase customer retention with easy ordering and reordering.
  • Expand business reach into niche market of large printing products.

Workflow of Wide Format Module


Key Highlights of Wide Format Module

Wide Format module is available as add-on to license solution.

In front store user can upload artwork file and define size dimensions of his product in price calculator. The measurement units (meter, inch, feet) can be set by admin as per business practices.


The price calculator will calculate printing cost based on the size inputs given by customer and quantity. Shipping cost will be calculated separately for the product. We provide a user-friendly admin panel where admin can set his measurement type for calculating printing area and cost.


You can activate a separate pricing method for custom sized products so that it is available to frontend customer in pricing calculator.


As pricing of large format products is based on total printing area, you can set a range of base price calculations. This base price will be then applied to total printing area of customer’s product.


Similarly for product attributes as well you can define base price and then apply it to customer’s product size.


Admin can download artwork file uploaded by customer in frontend and put it into print workflow.

Sample Price Calculation for Custom Sized Product

First set a range of base price calculations for products as shown in below table:


Now if your customer inputs his product size as 200mm width and 200mm height the system will first calculate printing area as: 200mm x 200mm = 40000mm

Your calculator will then apply base printing price of $5 per mm to total print area. The costing will also take into account the quantity entered by customer.