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Demonetization: A Big Time Opportunity For Printers

In the last few days, everything has come to a standstill due to demonetization. All of us are confused ‘what next?’ The purpose of this webinar is to reflect and learn from history, how organizations and countries have grown from extremely challenging situations and today are market leaders - countries like Japan, Israel and companies like Sony, Staples and HP just to name a few.

Harvard Business Review studied 4,700 public companies to see how they survive after tough times. According to the study:

  • 80% companies don’t recover even after 3 years.
  • 11% companies don’t survive tough times. They are acquired or become bankrupt.
  • 9% companies not only survive but flourish despite the bad times.

So what do these 9% companies do differently?

We are doing a webinar on 19th Jan 2017 (Thursday) at 4 pm to show what successful companies do differently.

If you are seeing a slack in business or your print operations are running at less-than-optimal capacity, this webinar is a must-attend event for you!

19th January 17 @ 4:00 PM IST

About Speaker

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Mr. Naresh Bordia
VP - Business Development

The session will be conducted by Mr. Naresh Bordia (VP – Business Development, OnPrintShop) who has 15+ years of experience in IT Industry. Mr. Bordia has extensive experience working with large and small printers in India, USA, and 60 countries across the world. Mr. Bordia strongly believes in researching industry trends and sharing his knowledge, creating big opportunity for printers to redefine their strategy and grow their sales.

Who should Attend?

  • Printers / Brokers who are losing business post monetization.
  • Small to medium printers looking to find way to boost sales despite cash crunch.
  • Traditional printers / brokers struggling to modernize their business.
  • Printers / Brokers interested in providing digital experience to end customers.

19th Jan 2017

at 04:00 PM IST

An Exclusive Webinar For Indian Printers to Maximize Their Sales Post Demonetization

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