Trade Printer Solution (TPS)

Trade Printer Solution (TPS)


OnPrintShop Trade Printer Solution (TPS) is a very simple solution evolved over 5 years, it is an integrated print order management channel, specially designed for SME/Trade Printers to offer reseller online w2p stores, so that all members of the channel – end client, reseller and printer service provider (PSP) coordinate their business activities & processes to minimize cost and maximize their effectiveness in market place.

All orders and payment goes directly to PSP. Entire communication with end client and shipment is with reseller branding. No need for programmers to setup.

Our clients using trade printer solution have built new revenue stream by charging resellers USD100 to USD450 per month for their branded store.

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Why Trade Printer Solution (TPS)?

SME Printers can use TPS to
Engage marketing agencies

Trade Printers can use TPS to
Expand their reseller network

Most Easy to Setup & Get Started
No need for IT programmers

24/5 Live Support & Interactive Training
for uninterrupted growth of your business

Highly Customizable and Scalable
for your evolving business

Proactively Upgrade Solution
to keep you ahead of the evolving trends

Benefits to Trade Printer

benefits of trade printer

Quickly Setup & Manage Reseller Network

Existing team can configure solution to setup reseller strategy, 3 easy steps to setup reseller store – no coding required.

Engage and Retain Right Resellers

Streamlined & automated process helps to offer consistent quality services & competitive pricing to both resellers and end-clients.

Proactive Business Decisions

Integrated solution gives visibility into reseller activities, high-selling products, customer buying patterns, quickly add new products or services and lot more.

Better Sales Forecast

Various reports allow you to project sales and patterns, which means you can plan inventory and investments.

Reduced Overheads & Order Processing Time

Automated order intimation, invoice, job ticket & shipping label generation, integrate with existing workflow, resulting in quick turnaround and manpower required to process orders.

benefits of reseller

Benefits to Reseller

Quickly Setup Online Business

Reseller get ready-to-start branded storefront from Trade Printer with products setup and option to markup pricing. The storefront is equipped with dynamic calculator, print personalization tool & more.

Retain Existing and Engage New B2C & B2B Clients

Most advanced W2P online store to simplify ordering & reordering, with complete controls to personalize store & marketing strategy to engage target audience.

Focus on Core Competency

All new orders are directly processed by the trade printer under reseller's branding, which allows reseller to focus on increasing sales.

Increase Revenue

As the trade printer adds new products, easily offer them to your customers. This helps you to quickly expand your product range and increase revenue.

Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard with overview of all the transactions, customer activities and commission earned, and reports to analyze performance.

Trade Printer Client Testimonials

'The Web2printit solution offers a very powerful Admin panel that will cover all of your business needs. The software lets the owner see QUICK stats from a HOME menu saving time, and giving owners a full and complete story of the activities of the storefront.

The software is modular & updates easily, & efficiently changes are made to the storefront. Great value is added by a support team as well.'

– Marc, Canada

'We have been partnering with Radix for over 3 years and highly recommend their services, they are truly industry leaders. They have a fantastic team that is well balanced in all areas helping continue our web development for us and our customers.

I had done plenty of research worldwide before choosing Radix as a web partner and they have not let me down in any area to date.'

– Scott Siganto, Australia


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