Trade Printer FAQs

Below are selective frequently asked questions from clients who considered OnPrintShop Trade Printer Solution. If you cannot find answers to your questions here, we will be happy to answer them over Live Chat.

Q1. What does OnPrintShop Trade Printer Solution do?

OnPrintShop Trade Printer solution is a complete online order and reseller management solution which allows creating branded reseller stores. Besides, the flexibility of the solution makes it suitable for streamlining any organization’s in-house operations of print orders across departments.

OnPrintShop Trade Printer solution works on two levels: 1. Facilitate print brokers to manage reseller network cost-effectively .2. Facilitate organization’s on-demand print orders across various departments to fulfill print requirements in-house.

Q2. Who can use OnPrintShop Trade Printer Solution?

Any organization looking to streamline print order management can benefit from OnPrintShop Trade Printer Solution.

Several of our print broker clients have benefited from the solution’s functionality to create online reseller branded stores and centrally manage operations. Orders are directly managed by the print broker and shipped with reseller’s branding. This results in reduced operation costs and hassles.

Moreover, print brokers can use Trade Printer Solution to outsource print jobs and to expand to other print product markets and territories. This is facilitated by a robust build-in Vendor Module.

The solution is also being used by large organizations to cost-effectively manage their inter-department print requirements such as marketing collaterals, business cards, product stickers and more.

Q3. What type of files (.PDF, .JPG, etc.) should the reseller upload and send for printing?

No manual intervention is required from reseller for sending files to the print broker. When customer confirms an order on the reseller’s website, the print broker automatically receives a high resolution (300 DPI), fonts embedded print ready PDF file. This significantly speeds up the turnaround time on each order.

Q4. I’m considering Trade Printer Solution for my in-house needs, but I’ve some specific requirements. Can you help me with it?

Yes, absolutely. OnPrintShop is a flagship product of Radix which has 13+ years of experience in developing high-end technology solutions for its global clientele. Contact us, we’ll be happy to provide you customization that helps you grow your business.

Q5. Does the print broker have to manually setup products for every new reseller?

No, the moment you create a reseller online print shop, the reseller’s website is created with products and templates installed. Your reseller can change the logo and other branding elements as required on their own with the help of built-in tools

Q6. Print resellers in my network don’t know programming. Can they still personalize their online print website?

Yes, absolutely. OnPrintShop Trade Printer solution is designed with easy to use tools requiring least of IT skills. After you select from our range of professionally designed website themes, your reseller needs to simply drag and drop text and images using the built-in WYSIWYG editor for personalizing their web pages.

Q7. Would your system work in a virtualized environment?

Our solution works on single Linux server as defined in “Server Environment”, this environment could be setup on physical machine or virtual machine. Currently, OnPrintShop server is working in Virtualized environment (openvz). It is possible to move the database to another server.

Q8. Does the Trade Printer Solution support multiple languages?

Yes, the websites created from Trade Printer Solution support multiple languages and multiple currencies. If you intend to use Trade Printer Solution for in-house print requirements, you can disable pricing.

Q9. How do I know when a print order is placed?

Whenever a customer confirms an order, an email notification is sent to the print broker, the reseller and the customer.

In case of in-house use, an email notification is sent to the employee placing the order and the assigned Super Admin in the printing department.

Q10. What are the order statuses that the end-customer will see?

The end-customer will see all order status such as pending, in print production, out of stock, ready to pick up, shipped, etc. These order status will be created only from the print broker’s admin panel.

Q11. Does the reseller have access to download email address of customers who have subscribed for newsletter?

Both the reseller and the print broker can access and download email address of customers who have subscribed for newsletter.

Q12. What pricing controls does the reseller have?

The reseller can add markup on the minimum base price indicated by the print broker. The reseller can also run discount offers. However, the reseller’s admin will not allow a price below the minimum base price set by the print broker. For complete understanding, contact our OnPrintShop consultant.

If you intend to use Trade Printer Solution for in-house print requirements, you can disable pricing.

Q13. Can I run a report that shows which commissions are paid and which are pending?

Yes, both the print broker and the reseller can run a report for commission status from their admin panel. If you have added print venders, you can also run a report that shows vender’s commission status.

Q14. Do you provide solution training and support?

Yes, you will receive an extensive training of each module from our support team. You will be assigned a dedicated support member and access to a technical team member so that your queries can be resolved in the best possible manner with speedy turnaround.

Q15. I’ve few more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Please feel free to send us your questions and queries through the contact form. We recommend you request a free demo to see how Trade Printer Solution can help you meet your requirements.