Support Reviews


“Prompt, Attentive and Friendly! From the start the Chanda, Chetan and staff at OnPrintShop has been very attentive to all my requests guiding and holding my hands throughout the entire process. Really appreciated!”

Don S.

“Rajesh and the team are excellent! They’re always by my side, every step of the way making sure the website is doing great.”



“OnPrintShop has an amazing 24 hours’ support. Even if I am at home they would call me just to know if I had any concerns.”

Mr. Leo Darakchyan, President / CEO of EasyDisc Inc


“OnPrintShop support Team is always available and very friendly with open attitude.”

Laritza Ramos

Westar Printing

“Best of all their training was top notch and they are quick to resolve questions and issues. I would highly recommend them. Place the logo.”

BJ Stokes

Minute Color

“Terrific support and very fast response.”

Dennis Beck

“The consultants really helped me when I needed to pay more attention to some part which I didn’t understand. You are enthusiastic and patience in teach me. Well, good consultants!”


Stigler Printing

“I was very green until my training started. After the training, I felt like I had the confidence to explore and make our site do what it needs to do. Your support was exceptional. I cannot imagine being where I am today without you.”


Naveen- GraphicPrints

“They clearly satisfied me with all my questions in detail and when they introduced their version 6.1. I was literally shocked and surprised that I achieved 200% result i.e. more than what I expected.”

Naveen- GraphicPrints

“OnPrintShop solution is very robust and helped us to launch our business online in a timeframe which we felt was not possible.”

Gbolade Ogunfowote


“Support team provides good service. They are reasonably fast and helpful and will solve your problem. I will recommend them to everyone.”


RN Digital Print

“I really appreciate the professionalism and expertise of OnPrintShop support team. The support I got was very timely and helpful. Between online videos and rapid replay to my e-mails I have been extremely pleased.”

Hamza Ejaz

“I found the support team very helpful, even with the language barrier and time difference they made me feel like no question was a silly one, and helped me from scratch when I took over managing the site for our company.”


Baski Adam Logo

“Since the beginning, we have always felt your support and we will keep feeling it. We appreciate that.”

Cemal Aslan and Hakim Cavur – Turkey

“Very helpful made changes as I asked and when I had an issue with directing my domain they solve it very fast.”

Alon Mautner


“Mr Chetan Chauhan, was extremely helpful, always turning problems into solutions! Quick feedback, very insightful training. Support was excellent. We look forward to working together going forward.”

Maxine Da coasta, South Africa

Silverpoint press Pvt. Ltd.

“support is excellent the handholding throughout installation is fantastic.”

Saifee z Makasarwal

“Quick responses, knowledgeable & friendly staff who understand our business and industry providing great advice and suggestions.”

Ramson’s Enterprises

Doremus Graphics Logo

“I am excited to begin working on the OnPrintShop platform. This is a very intuitive program that offers many variables. After my very thorough training, I am confident that I can utilize the program to its fullest as well as have extensive customer support as needed.”

Helen Ryan – Doremus Graphics

“To summarize a week of training in one sentence, Mr Chetan Chauhan covers the entire module without any complication within the time given, moreover he’s very friendly, Kudos Mr Chetan Chauhan.”

Amirul, Print Expert

Supreme Color

“The On Print Solutions Support Team are very prompt with their responses. They patiently worked with us throughout the entire training program and were always available through the live chat online, by phone and by email. The entire team worked quickly to get us the answers we needed so we were able to continue to move forward with no time lost.”

Kellie L. Walker

“Get a prompt & complete support as & when required. Mr. Chetan Chauhan, is the most awesome mentor & trainer I have come across. His knowledge on the topic is so immense that you are never left with a question mark. Awesome training, awesome team is clubbing to an awesome success to our business..”

Ridhima Agarwal

Sycamore Print

“The support from OnPrintShop has been fantastic. They are very detail-oriented. When we initially requested more information about their services, they were very detailed in tracking our inquiries and providing detailed responses to those inquiries. ”

“Prior to launching our public-facing store, they were quick to research and remedy any issues we were having. Given that they are outside the U.S., they stay up late working to make updates, chat with us, and provide further training.”

“Our overall experience with them has been very good and we would highly recommend them to others.”

Don C- Manager

Mandy A – Website Project Manager

Panaprint, Inc.

“The support team at OnPrintShop is top notch! They are very responsive and patient with my many questions…Rajesh is the best!”

Panaprint, Inc.


“I was able to fully implement a very complex solution with all the help I needed. Good job! Outstanding training and support!”

Tom Cormier


“A good solution is only as good as its support and I believe OnPrintShop understands this. Chetan and the team are always quick to respond, amend or suggest anything you throw at them. Well done.”

Jason Harrison

“Very courteous and patient.”



“Chetan is a legend, fantastic, very patient and a wonderful and skillful trainer. His methods in the training were very good.”

Mark Walker


“The prompt and effective support extended by OPS has helped us to optimize the system to develop our business. We could deliver our customers the best experience of online shopping through OPS.”

Jijoy Benny Thomas

“The support is very good. They want our business to succeed. If we are successful, everybody wins.”


boltonsweb2print copy

“The training and support team provided outstanding service and support and were more than happy to accommodate or needs. They are very responsive and helpful, we would recommend OnPrintShop to everyone and you will not be disappointed.”



“Your quick response and clear explanation make my job easier. They not only advice, but they also helps to find a way to solve our problems.”


Blue Earth Digital Printing


“Thanks Chetan and Dhawal for your efforts to help us understand the many nuances and facets of your versatile and powerful program. I am impressed and I am very hard to impress! Thanks.”



“Our support person Chetan Chauhan is first, very knowledgeable about the solution and his personal characteristics (patience, humour and effective delivery mode) made the training worthwhile, interesting and a time you look forward to. He was helpful in ensuring we understood our site and how to use it from both ends. Well done Chetan, you are just amazing! ”

Gordy Oshoko,

“The team at OnPrintShop has been great at helping us solve issues with our website and they have taken on board our feedback and added our feature requests to their development cycle. This is just not something you see in a lot of companies. ”

Peter H

“Onprintshop’s team was extremely supportive. They were honest about what they were offering and didn’t make false commitments .So far they have delivered what they have promised to us before the estimated time. Chetan Chauhan helped a lot in the whole training and was extremely accomodating.! ”

Juhee Jain,

“Very helpful and always ready to give fast answers to my questions .. Thank you support team! ”



“always an immediate response, whether it be a small question or a full support on a specific topic/module, the support was flexible and willing to help.”

R. Prizio

Mextec Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.


“Good and efficient.! ”

Nikolaus Bastian Druck und Verlag GmbH


“I can highly recommend the training and support. The trainer was always friendly and competent and we always managed to quickly resolve any problems. Chetan Chauhan’s training lessons were more like meeting up with a friend answering questions and taking us through a great software, than just having a teacher going through his schedule. Many thanks! ”


“this training help me a lot to understand OnPrintShop system. The presenter also give the good response to our problem in that system. Always solve any problem. Thank a lot.”



“Chetan Chauan was fantastic. He explained everything very well at a great pass, and occasionally when i was still confused he was very patient with me explain again until I understood. His sense of humour was also refreshing making long technical training sessions a pleasure rather than a chore.”




“I have being dealing with Indian companies for over 10 years. The support I got from Chetan Chauhan is by far the best support I have ever got. Even when doing the training session with me he attendant to queries he was getting from other clients (At least informing them his in the middle of training) giving me the peace of mind that he will be always available when needed.

During training he made sure every functionality is explained in depth and always offering extra support for my queries.

It was a pleasure dealing with Chetan Chauhan and looking forward to dealing with him for many years to come”

Digicraft Design,

PrintShop Online

“Onprinshop support is nothing less than first class. Their responce time is exceptionaly fast.”

Michael S,


“Great experience! OPS team is very supportive. There response to resolve any issue or problem is very fast. Extremely proud to be part of OPS family.”

Amit Kunte,


“Onprintshop have a good support team.”


Printing Bazaar – India


“Very Good effective and cooperative support.”

Ravi Shah

“The support team is very proactive. Rajan, Siddhi, Saiyam and Naresh, my experience with everybody has been very good. I am glad to see that my queries and issues are resolved in not more than 24hrs.”

Puneet, India

STROTA ConsulTech – India


“OnPrintShop Support has been very responsive and has the required technical breadth and depth. This was reflected well in the onboarding training, which was tailored to the structure and flow recommended by Print Express.”

Shirish Kulkarni

Mind Your Business Printing – USA


“The support team has been very quick to respond to any questions or request about changes to the site.”

MYB Printing

PayLess PrintFast – Canada


“The Support team is available 24 hours giving the customer the care needed and flexibility to contact the team at any time. Any specific Training/Technical questions are resolved within 24 hours, once emailed to the team. Special thanks to Saiyam for all the updates. Also, Chetan Rabari who is very hands-on and has all the answers to you, if you have any query.”

Gopan V – Ireland


“The training and communication was excellent. Chetan was very thorough and patient. We highly recommend the training sessions for OnPrintShop. Any queries or changes we have requested so far have been dealt with quickly and efficiently”

Print Plus Digital – Barbados


“The support team is always available to help, another reason we are satisfied being a part of OnPrintShop.”

Print Plus Digital

“Awesome! Chetan really listened to my needs and he was very helpful at targeting my learning needs/goals!”

Marc, Canada

AK Graphics – The Netherlands


“Support is great! If something is not clear, I can contact them.”

Albert Koenders,

“We are very grateful with 24 hours support online. The team is always willing to solve my issues and give prompt answers to my questions. Wonderful!”

Gaby, Costa Rica

“Friendly and helpful support personal”

FCI Digital

Steve, USA

GHprinting – UK


“Very helpful, professional and quick to respond.”


Sun State Marking Corp. – USA


“The Support we have received from Rajan has, up to this point in time, been as I suggested earlier, has been EXCELLENT.”

“Chetan explained things properly, clearly and was very helpful during these training sessions and during live chat.”

Fayaz, Canada

Responsive, Dedicated and Thorough. Whatever your expectations are from a support team, that is what they are.”

Eugene Artisa, Canada

“Chetan is great. He is always available and extremely helpful. We could not have completed our site without his assistance!”

Steve A, USA – USA


“I have been really impressed with how prompt and knowledgeable OnPrintShop’s support team has been to all of our requests during the development stage of the project.”

Brian Gomez,

BSEPrint – USA


“OnPrintShop support was very helpful in the setup and launch of our online print store. There was a good deal of flexibility on training times.”

Vinny Piazza & Dave Vincent,

Printmax Printing & Promotions – USA


“The personalized support is amazing. Rajan was able to answer to all of my questions and made sure I understood that I could contact them anytime for assistance.”

Christy Kapellen,

Executive Data Control – USA


“What I love most about your support is the quick reaction time. There’s been very little waiting for a response to my questions and OnPrintShop is quick to provide solutions.”


DataMart Direct Inc. – USA


“The support team is well organized and addresses issues quickly and clearly. We are all impressed.”

Scott Bussert,

“Chetan and Jeet have done a good work on giving me a good opinion about Radix and their OnPrintShop Solution.”

Juan L., Mexico

Design One Ltd – Kenya


“The support was well structured, convenient and easy to adapt.”

Victoria Joseph

“The OnPrintShop support has been excellent. Rajiv deserves a special mention due to his willingness to provide help and support to our many questions. We value his opinion and his expertise in helping us to create a great online product for our company.”

Peter, New Zealand

“It was really helpful in the sense as a sales person i am very technical but the training has given me more knowledge in graphic design.”

Daniel, UK

“Covered a lot of material. Chetan worked very hard on my site! He was very dedicated. I highly recommend him. He was really great. He does not seem to sleep.”

Steve, USA

PB Printing – USA

“Chetan was a delight to work with. He is knowledgeable and prompt to respond with all requests. A+” – USA


“Zalak was very helpful. His knowledge and patience helped me greatly.”


“The training session was very informative. We’ve learned how to manage the system and how to solve some problems we had.”

Dominic, Canada


“I am new to Online Store design and the training was simple and very useful to my company’s growth. OnPrintShop has great and easy templates and very easy to customize. I am looking forward to continuing business in the future.”

Brandon, Panama – Lithuania


“All this training was helpful to understand management opportunities. Helpful training “step by step”.”


World Media Group – USA


“I found the demonstrations and visual walk through of the back-end interface really helpful. This training is a strong foundation to work from as I update our shop.”

Josh Mellentine, Vice President of Operations


“The training was helpful because I did not know anything about the program. After 3 days of training I have an understanding on what is possible in the program, what the program can do. The training allowed us to see what the capabilities are and showed us what the road map is.”


“Use of the site’s capabilities was explained in detail.”

Sue Wampole, USA

National Process Pvt. Ltd. – India


“OnPrintShop is the best store for printing purpose we appreciate cooperation of your staff & team as well as knowledge about your product.”

Bakul Pandya, Managing Director. – USA


“The training was great. I’m able to start on my solution right away.”

Tony Nguyen

“Dear Chetan and team, Thank you so much for all your help! Our experience working with you has been AMAZING. We are really excited to launch our website and we look forward to working with you guys for many years to come.”


“Rajiv was very helpful in showing all the features of the solution. And explaing how to use sections that we were not familiar with.”

Baz, UK

Advanced Photographic Solutions – USA


“Zalak was very helpful during training, always making sure that we were communicating the same ideas. Also, very flexible with training times, much appreciated.”

Jason Gibson – Mexico

“Training was very helpful because it let us know and see a complete picture of the great approach we can have on the market with the on print solution.”

Grapholinea Team – UK

“Zalak has been very patient and detailed in his training. It has enabled me to get set up quickly and easily.Thanks for all your help so far – and sorry for all the questions!”

Dave Bruce