Solution Security

We understand that web to print is a business application. One of our critical objectives while developing our solution apart from user-friendliness and stable features is Solution Security. We have been supporting clients and our partners globally with highest level of integrity and trust.

Key Security Highlights:

  • Business Security
  • Secured Server
  • Security of Designs
  • Data Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Security of Payments
  • Digital Assets Security
  • Approval Process for Corporate Orders


Business Level Security

Only an authorized person can access a license solution. Only your designated system administrator can log into the backend of your web to print storefront and see business data. This means your orders, customer details, etc are kept confidential. Your end users will also need to log into the frontend to operate their account.


Secured Servers

Your database is the backbone of your business. So we maintain isolated customer database and designs at server level. Only you have access to your data on servers. Our team does not touch your database without your permission.


Design Security

Design is a big asset for any print service provider. In our solution printers can publish and manage design templates for end users. There is a possibility that users personalize these templates, save PDF preview file and place order with someone else. But we have made sure this does not happen in our solution. The PDF preview file is watermarked and is in low resolution not suitable for printing.


Data Backups & Disaster Recovery

The two most common reasons for data loss are malicious activity and natural/man-made disaster. So as per our disaster management practice we perform regular backups of our servers. As an additional safety measure we maintain this enterprise level back-up at onsite and offsite.


Payment Security

Payment security has two sides to it:

  • Securing payment for printers
  • Securing payment transaction on web

For printers we have developed a checkout process that requires customers to make payment before they can have print ready PDF file of their design.

All payment transactions on web take place on payment gateways that are secured through SSL encryptions. This makes online payments safe and trustworthy.


Digital Asset Security

For printers who have corporate customers it is important to secure digital assets and intellectual properties of their clients. In our solution printers can have corporate specific storefronts that can be accessed by authorized employees only. Things like logo, business tagline, color, and typography can be made non-editable in design templates for controlling brand representation.


Order Approval for Corporate Clients

Corporates often have processes in place where print orders need to be verified and approved before a printer can process them. In our solution we have added approval process in corporate web stores so that printer receives an order only after it is verified and approved by superior.