PrintPack 2017

Printpack 2017

Recently, OnPrintShop proved to be resourceful for SME Printers in their fourth consecutive participation at India Expo Centre, Noida 2017.

What was the core Agenda of OnPrintShop at PRINTPACK 2017

The evolution of new technologies and ever-changing demand of print needs across the globe, small printers are finding it difficult to withstand large players and retain their existing clients.

Our approach at OnPrintShop

Now, considering the Indian market where small retailers still follow the traditional method of performing their printing tasks, OnPrintShop constantly focuses in educating their existing customers to understand the importance of Web to Print Order management solution.

PRINTPACK 17 one of the major events organized for Indian Printers was a great opportunity for OnPrintShop to understand print challenges in the Indian market and introduce SOHO W2P specially designed for small print companies.

How SOHO W2P is helping printers?

Our constant discussion with small printers made us realize their way of order processing is going haywire, and in worst cases, most of them have to deny taking small print orders due to the cost and effort involved in managing them manually.

Similarly, understanding the workflow of corporate printers- the process of managing orders manually stops them from reaching up to customer’s expectation nationally, as well as, internationally.

With our free demo and competitive pricing, we educate our existing and new customers the benefits of web-to-print solution that can ensure they won’t have to deny on any orders (small or big) and grow successfully.

Key Highlights of the Event

  • Understand the challenges of small print owners and offer solutions / suggestions
  • Introduction of SOHO W2P
  • Advanced designer Studio HTML5 version for B2C customers
  • Innovative insights for local business owners B2B to expand globally
  • Automated online ordering and re-ordering solutions
  • Online Calculator
  • Designer tool
  • Online payment& Shipping
  • Printing management

Response at the event

Educating potential existing audience through Webinars and knowledge base resources prior to the event was the major advantage for OnPrintShop’s presence at Booth D / 29, Hall 7.

Apart from attending printers with a team size of 100 and above, Komori and Canon were among the large printers who showed interest for the W2P solution.

Additionally, Mr. Harjinder Singh, Gen. Secretary Lucknow Printers’ Association and International Relations- Co-Chairman and AIFMP and Mr. Anil Arora, President of Pamex were among the top names who interacted with OnPrintShop business consultants.

Successively participating in PRINTPACK 17, India, OnPrintShop is always excited to offer innovative insights and useful resources for managing the ever-changing needs of printers across the globe.

Print 17 is our next stop, stay tuned to know more!

PrintPack India 2017 Moments

PrintPack India 2017 Live Moments

PrintPack India 2017 Live Moments
PrintPack India 2017 Live Moments
PrintPack India 2017 Live Moments
PrintPack India 2017 Live Moments