PrintOriente – Venezuela


Client Details: El Tiempo, a leading regional newspaper in Venezuela since 1958, extended their business in retail printing services with their online store PrintOriente, which is powered by OnPrintShop solution. They serve 350+ clients and experienced significant raise in revenues right in the first year of going online.

55Printing.com – USA


Client Details: Over 12 years of printing experience makes 55Printing.com an essential part of local USA business by providing fast, reliable and high-quality design and printing products. They specialize in creating print items both for business and individual needs. Serve throughout USA.

Advanced Photographic Solutions – USA


Client Details: Advanced Photographic Solutions has been serving the wholesale photofinishing market for almost 30 years and have grown into one of the largest independent labs in the USA. Their subsidiary, Easy Graphic Solutions, is a premier Online Printing Platform that has attracted retail and corporate clients from all over the United States and has helped them expand with a successful network of resellers.

World Media Group – USA


Client Details: Over 25 years of experience, World Media Group has been providing premier printing services on a variety of plastic, board and paper substrates. They serve Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses and individuals, throughout North America and the world.

Mediacopy – UK


Client Details: Mediacopy.co.uk is an offshoot of the ‘original’ UK data duplication companies, with over 20 years of experience in printing and duplicating, starting with floppies, then CDs, DVDs and now Blu-Ray. Based in Shropshire, they provide CD & DVD printing and duplication services to local bands, musicians, photographers and wedding organizers.

Image Magic – Malaysia


Client Details: Image Magic is a customer focused quality conscious online printing company that provides printing services in array of printing styles. They offer print services for flyers, booklets, posters, letterheads, postcards, catalogs, business cards, rack cards, labels and more. They offer professional printing services at reasonable price.

Digmyid– Australia


Client Details: Digmyid is a Sydney, Australia-based company that provides high quality content to people that need it the most – small businesses. Their solution is a meeting place for designers, printers and end users to come together, exchange ideas, and create a web 2.0 marketplace for print products.

Printclever – Ireland


Client Details: Printclever offers basic, no frills business printing for business cards, corporate brochures or company folders with a range of professionally designed templates to choose from. It allows the end users who fancy their design skills to use the online design tool to create their own designs.

ProDigital – Europe


Client Details: ProDigital is a Croatia based printing company that is dedicated to providing quality advanced printing services to a host of corporate clients and print brokers. They offer products like photo books, calendars, business cards, flyers, invitation cards, and many more.