Pending Orders

Pending Orders will display a list of orders placed by your customers but yet to be taken for further processing or production. You can view the order details, date of order, order amount, etc.

Admin Panel>>Orders>>Pending Orders

Note: Pending Orders shall display only those orders whose payment has been cleared online.

Export Orders

Navigation: Admin Panel>>Orders>>Pending Orders>>Export Orders

Description: You can export and download your pending orders in CSV format.




Navigation: Pending Orders>>Action>>Edit/View

Description: You can view and change order details like shipping address, billing information, order status, etc. You can also send customer notifications for pending orders. This is also a good place to view customer details.


Modify Order

Navigation: Pending Orders>>Action>>Modify Order

Description:You can modify order details like quantity and price for pending orders. You can even upload/download PDF files here and notify customer about modification.



View Invoice

Navigation: Pending Orders>>Action>>View Invoice

Description: You can view the invoice issued for a particular pending order. You can even download or print this invoice.



Delete Order

Navigation: Pending Orders>>Action>>Delete

Description: You can permanently delete a pending order and all related order details.