Online Photobook Version 5.3

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At OnPrintShop, we are continuously evolving our solution capabilities to help you deliver the best services to your customers and grow your online business. We are releasing Photo Book Solution Version 5.3 which includes new features and enhancements to meet the changing requirements of our clients.

Apart from the new features as per our standard solution in OnPrintShop Version 5.2 and OnPrintShop Version 5.3, below are the changes included in the Photo Book Solution Version 5.3.

Photo Print Product

For photobook products we offer three types of product to customer. Now we offer one more option to our customers to create a photo book product named Photo Print Product.

The photo print product works just like photobook product in our solution. A new product type named photo print product has been created in the photobook solution.

The user will be able to view the product type when the user goes to products > Add Products interface, system will show one more product type called Photo Print Product.



On designer option setting admin can set how many default pages need to be opened at front store in photobook studio and the maximum number of pages customer can add from photobook studio.

The Admin user can also set status for display border on the page, select border color and border size which will be displayed on studio product page.


Admin can also filter Photo Print Products same as Photobook Product, Poster Products, Greeting Card Products etc. on product listing page.


Front store photo print products order flow and designing flow will remain same as standard photobook products.

The designer studio operations will be same for Photo Print Product as they appear in photobook products with all controls for designing.

For Photo Print Product designer studio system will display individual pages instead of the look and feel like an album. It will be displayed as shown below:


Store Management and Admin Features

1. Corporate Invoice Management:

Every e-commerce system should have a strong accounting features and we are taking one more step towards achieving it. We have launched a new feature where in the corporate can have a clearer view of his placed orders and the payments related to it. The corporates can now get their monthly invoices where each and every transaction unpaid will be recorded and the corporate will get a cumulative amount to be paid to the printer. The you have an option to create invoice for all the transactions or select a few transactions and create invoice for the corporate. The you will also have an option to mark the Invoice as paid or unpaid from admin side.

2. Third Party Integration:

OnPrintShop has launched integration with one of best CRM service provider Salesforce, so now you can integrate your CRM service with the system. Also along with that we have integrated one more social sharing tool with our system called Lead Dyno which helps you to monitor different campaigns with different partners. It doesn’t end here it has also launched integration with a Push Notification PushPad through which you can get push notification for admin on the browser.

  • Salesforce Integration: OnPrintShop has launched a new vertical in the external service integration section through this you can sync your customer details and request quote details between the system and salesforce. The customer in our system will go in salesforce as a contact and the requested quote details will go in salesforce as opportunities. The corporates information in our system will go in salesforce as an account and the corporate user will go in salesforce as contact.
  • Lead Dyno Affiliate Marketing: Lead dyno is an affiliated marketing toll which gives you an ability to run affiliated marketing campaign for customer and manage their sales and commission directly. You can sync your Lead Dyno account with our system and the system send the required data to lead dyno whenever a order is placed successfully in the system.
  • Push Notifications: Push notification through browser is a technology that enables you to send push notification to a user through browser if he has subscribed for one. We have currently integrated our system with PushPad (third party tool) it is a push notification provider through which you can get flash messages on the browser even when not login in the system just the browser should be open.

3. Predefined Products Kit:

When an end user wants to buy a combination of predefined products which are general requirements of end users then they have to go and buy individual products again go to the product section and buy other products if you know such combos that in demand both in combination and individual both manner then you can make a kit product which includes the set of in demand products in the kit so that the end user need not to go and select each product separately.

4. Order Status Enhancement:

Order Status can be used for defining Production work flow in general and for specific product both, you can define status for internal as well as to be displayed usage also you can link the status for internal usage with to be displayed to customer status and then customer will be able to view only status linked to the internal status, for internal use there can be more than one status but the end user will be able to see only on status to be displayed to him, by the Internal status function the user can keep different internal status and choose one customer status to be displayed in the order status to him.

5. Commission Management:

A good distribution network management tool should have a provision to configure the commission for the down line resellers and sales agents, OnPrintShop has a strong business partner management where in the printer can configure the sales agents commission, the commission type can be flat or slab wise. To manage the commission for different business is again a task, in OnPrintShop the printer can manage all this easily just like a Childs play. The printer has a manage commission report where he comes to know about the individual sales agents and their orders and the commission etc. the printer can manage the commission status by marking them as unpaid, cancelled or paid. So the printer himself can come to know about the pending payment for the sales agent.

6. Product SKU Enhancement:

SKU is a very import aspect for maintaining stock inventory also to identify which exact product to be printed and the more the variants the more essential it becomes for keeping the track of the SKU. Through the system you if required can define SKU codes for all product sizes with all the additional options and their combination apart from the main SKU of the product this makes your life simple and easy as you can assign Different SKU’s to all the variants possible with the combination of additional options which will make it easy for production and storage of the final product.

7. Customer Group Wise Discount / Coupons:

Coupons and discounts are an inevitable part of an e-commerce system, OnPrintShop offers just the exact thing you require for managing the Coupons and discount, the coupons and in the discount module now we have come up with a new enhancement which will make the module better. The coupons till now could be limited to one-time usage or multiple usage now the printer can make coupons and discounts related to a specific user group also. You can create user groups in the system from the customer details page and assign it to the customer and then from the discount/coupon module you can introduce special discount or coupons for the specific user groups which will be redeemable by only the user belonging to that group.

8. Request Quote from Admin Panel:

The customer can request a quote for a specific requirement of him but if the customer is not able to access the system for some reason and he has to place a quote and he requests you to do the same it was a very long and complicated process for you, to make your life simple we have come up with the Request Quote feature from Admin Panel, with the help of this feature you can place a quote on behalf of your customer from the admin view quotes page, the remaining flow of the quote management will be the same as per the existing system. You can bring any offline quote online through this module.

Store Front Features

1. Theme Listing on Express Checkout Page:

In express checkout page previously we did not display the theme in the tabs this made the task for the end customer as he had to go back to the product listing page and then chose the theme and come back for check out, now the corporate users can see Theme tab on express checkout page this make the life of the end customer easy as now they can choose the theme as well form the same page and save a lot of time and efforts.

2. Signup Form additional fields:

During sign up the system takes general information related to the customer to give him access to the system, if you want to capture some additional information apart from these field like some specific information about the company or industry or details about his shipping or billing address etc. has to be captured in the system during signup you can define and configure N number of fields in the sign up form also you can define field groups where in the fields belong to a separate group and the fields will be displayed according to the defined group, so before the getting access to the system your customer has given all the required information. This information will also be visible to him in the My account page, shipping address page and my profile page as configured by you. You can also decide if the fields are mandatory or not and also the type of input it has to take.

Print Production Management

Print Production Workflow Management

The SME often have manual print Production process, due to which tacking the status of orders become difficult for the printers. To make life of such printers easy OnPrintShop has come up with an innovative solution which will help you to track orders at each and every stage according to the workflow defined by you and will make the process smooth. You will be able to see production process as defined in the workflow and can track orders quick and easy from the workflow dashboard.

  • Create Production Profile and Access Roles : You can create profile for the production department and define roles and rights for them, you can also decide the access to required screens and status to be update the progress of each product in production workflow defined by you as and when required.
  • Real Time Status Updates : Now after defining all the required roles, rights and production process you have to just sit and enjoy the show as all the orders and their real time status according to the workflow defined by you will be updated on the dashboard right from order to shipment. You can easily track the status of each and every order in production according to the workflow defined by you.
  • Flexibility to Define production Flow as per Product Profile : The production process of all the print product cannot be the same, so the system is designed in such a way that you can define separate production process for each product so that tracking is to the point and exact free from any unwanted status.

Other Enhancement and Bug Fixes

1. Allow text format tools in layout:

Currently in the system we do not allow the admin user to format text in layout, we just allow the admin user to add text. We have enhanced this text format feature, now the admin can change or format text (size, color, alignment, etc.) in layout with the text formatting tool bar.


2. Theme Search by User Type:

In the theme listing page previously we didn’t allow the admin user to search the themes based on the user type, now we have given search theme by user type to the admin user. On the theme listing page the admin user will be able to see “User Type” dropdown in the filter section.

3. Payment & Shipping Method Management

Sometime the corporates want you to manage special shipping methods and payments method for them which in general the customers might now be using to so it is useless for them or vice-versa, with this feature you can manage payment and shipping methods for different purpose and users or for all.

4. Email Template Enhancement

  • Payment Request Raised Email: When you raise a payment request for your customer they receive a mail saying a payment request is raised for them but so see the amount for which the request was raised has to be seen after login to the system and see the amount for which the request was raised. This was time consuming so to avoid this inconvenience we have added the amount variable in the mail so your customer can directly view the amount in the mail itself and make payment without having to login to the system.
  • Product Email Enhancement: When your customers receive any order status update mail currently the information available in the email is the order No. and the changed status, now I the customer want to know the order details he will have to login to the system and view the order details which is sometimes long so we have resolved this problem and now when your customer will receive an order status update mail he will also be able to see the basic details of the order in the mails so that it is easy for him to relate it with the order.

5. Order Success/Fail Confirmation Page Modification:

Currently in the system when your customer checks out after making payment he only gets the order no. if successful and if payment fails it shows order cancelled, the cart becomes empty and yet the order is placed under unpaid orders which is ambiguous. To remove this ambiguity, we have redesigned the page where we have put order details a proper payment success and failure message, reward points details and a few helpful FAQ’s to help your customer.

6. Display Branch Details in Invoice:

When you have a huge partner network it becomes very difficult to track the which order was facilitated by which branch, through our Display branch details in invoice feature it will become fast and easy to trace down the order to the branch, from admin panel you can add the branch details wherever you want in the invoice format.

7. Export / Import Shipping Price:

Many times you have many shipping methods than it becomes very difficult for you the update or add shipping price individually manually, to address this pain area of yours we have provided you with the option of import / Export option for shipping prices where you can down the format fill in the details and import the data in the system and update the prices in a simplified way.

8. Google Trusted Store Integration:

Google trusted store is an important tool for listing of your product and you store so we have integrated the trusted store service in store configuration settings from where you can input your store ID and rest will be taken care by the system itself.

9. Display Phone No. In Customer Popup ad Admin Side:

When you view orders and want some clarity about the order on an immediate basis via call then you have to go the customer details get his contact no. from there and then call and get the clarity, so shorten this process we have added the phone no, in the customer details pop-up on the order listing page.

10. Product Setting Page Restructure Based On Category

The product setting page had all the settings on a single due to this sometimes it was difficult for you to find a particular setting and change it, for your convenience we have redesigned the product setting page here we have put the product settings under broad groups so it becomes easy for you to find and update them.

11. Default Notification Enable Disable Option

Every time while updating the status of the product you have to choose your preference for whom to send notification, now you can set the default preference for whom to send notification so that every time you don’t have to change the preference to send notification. (Note: To activate the feature please get in touch with our Tech-Support team)

12. Corporate Right Extends

In the current scenario the corporate customer can’t see the archive orders and also they are not able to see the details of inventory facility provided to him by you, in this feature we have provided the corporate admin the option to view the archive orders, also the corporate admin can view the inventory details that you have configured for him, it will be a view only rights he will not be able to change the details.

13. Printer Can See Their Own Details

This feature helps your printer to view his details like his basic details, his commission and its details order wise and all the details of the jobs assigned to him.

14. Invoice Download at Order Listing Page at My Account Section

Currently if the customer just wants to download the invoice of an order he has to go to each order open the order details and the download the invoice, now we have mad the process shorter and simpler we have given link in between Reorder and View Details on ever order named Invoice by clicking on which the user can download the invoice for that particular order directly.