A Major leap to Improve Experience & Efficiency.

After major success of V5.0, we are now very excited to further launch OnPrintShop Version 5.1 which includes new features and enhancements to meet the changing requirements of our clients. Major highlight enhanced HTML designer studio, alternative pricing set up option, same product & template applied to multiple category, multiple product template personalization and lot more. This version also includes major code changes to achieve Performance, Database Engine & Optimization.

Completely redefined, features optimized to offer enjoyable experience. Further simplified designer studio to provide intuitive experience, even for first time user. Introducing redesigned & mobile responsive admin panel with multitasking features, personalization capabilities, Job board & lot more for your team to improve productivity & control over your order management.

Redesigned Admin Panel – Enhanced Productivity


You will love look n feel & love it more when you use it every day. Easily navigate setting up your favorite sections. New multitasking features for easy navigation & working on multiple sections simultaneously.

Clearly visible tabs & consistent UI to simplify store management. Personalize Job board to give complete control over your job management & order updates. Product set up faster & lot more…

Online Designer Studio – Improved Experience

HTML5 Online Designer Studio Integration

Even first time user will enjoy personalization, very intuitive. Now designer studio Flexible to Personalize UI, with options to disable certain functionalities.

New editing tools – image crop, Zoom In/out, Horizontal/vertical flip, and create QR Code within Designer Studio.

B2B Module – Multiple Approval Rules


Advanced rule based order approval & role based access to match your corporate clients order approval workflow. Simplify and improve print order processing for your corporates. Rule based approval personalized as per department, product, budget & user specific.

New settings to easily define roles for each users to perform various action like order, approve, reports. Also, now capability to offer LDAP/ ADFS/ Single Sign on.


New Sales Agent Module – Sale More

Grow strong sales network & increase sales, empowering your sales agents with online ordering platform to deliver consistent services & increase repeat sales. Now every new client your sales rep signs up, for every new order commission will passed as per commission structure defined. Sales rep will have their admin panel to register clients and see order & commission reports.


Many more Upgrades & Enhancements

Integrate SMS gateway, Automated Quote module enhanced – now end client can request multiple quantity quotes, advance Search on website, set up multiple copy products, Calculate Shipment estimation & lot more bug fixes and optimization.