The Future Keys to Success in Printing Business

Future of printing is how you can offer your clients creative and simplified solutions integrating web2print/workflow/marketing/printing solutions and how you can build an organization with right people who are proactive to adapt to fast changing technology and client needs.

Traditional printers have to shift mindset from just printing to solution providers. Today web2print is no more an option, as Internet has impacted the way businesses are being done. Today clients are looking for personalized services at competitive pricing, innovative products, ordering patterns are changing and need a quick turnaround. They are not very keen to talk to suppliers every day, but looking for simplified ordering and reordering.

Need is to balance between traditional buyers and online buyers, not everything is going to go online, not everything is going to do it yourself, but for sure a major part of ordering will take online and need is for streamline and automate print order management.

Investing in right technology and people who are flexible to change is key to success.

Why meet us at HKTDC 2016?

Get an answer to all your questions below in addition to talk with experts.

  • Are you serving B2C and looking for ways to generate better ROI?
  • Are you having Large B2B clients who have unique ordering process?
  • Are you looking for complete automation from order taking to fulfillment?
  • Are you looking to integrate your existing CRM, MIS, and Estimation to Online ordering?
  • Are you struggling to match ongoing demand of your existing clients & not been able to focus on new business?

About OnPrintShop

  • We have been helping Print Service Providers (PSP’s) increase sales & reduce cost focusing on simplifying ordering for Retail, Corporate, Reseller and inplant customers since 2008
  • Specially designed solutions for Large Printers, Print Shops, Print Brokers, Wholesale Printers, Photo Products & Custom Built solutions – Market Place, Mailing & Fulfillment, Multistore, Franchisee Management
  • Robust wide range of solutions available both as SAAS & custom License Solutions
  • Specially designed online Designer studio for products and clients
  • Rule Based Template Designing with Advanced Corporate (B2B) Websites
  • Very powerful B2C/Retail websites to engage and retain clients
  • 24X5 Personalized Support and fastest to upgrade
  • Custom made solutions with capability to integrate third party tools

4 Steps to Success

  1. Meet our experienced web2print consultants who have been responsible for helping small print shops to largest printers in North America, Asia & Europe
  2. We will understand your target audience, key products, challenges, and needs
  3. Provide personalized insights and Demo
  4. Also, share strategies to successfully implement web2print technology

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