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Improve quality & communication with reduced Time & Manpower

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For Printers, Order Turn Around and Quality is Immensely Essential

In Order Processing, the majority of time goes in Artwork approval which takes plenty of emails with an enormous amount of time & energy.

So tool has been designed especially for printers who serve graphic designing to users and want to save time on proofing & artwork approval. It is collaborative tool, which ensures the faultless approval cycle. Through the design proofing tool, end customers can preview and provide immediate feedback on the designs, which designers can understand and quickly make necessary changes for final approval.



  • Collaborative approach to designing, which helps to simplify communication between designer and end client.
  • Customers provide feedback on specific aspects of the design
  • Designer can quickly make necessary changes
  • Dramatically reduction in time and errors during the design approval process
  • More time for designers to focus on creative ideas and happy customers

Key features

  • Transparent platform for flexible approval process between designers & end customers
  • Supports file formats: PDF, JPG, GIF & PNG
  • Provides secured preview i.e. customer can’t download the original file
  • Mark comments with the specific date & time
  • Options for approval – Approved as it is; Approved with Changes; Make Changes & Send New Proof
  • Easy file revisions from previous approval notes
  • Manageable history of all the approvals with notes, comments given by end client on each approval cycle with specific date & time
Key Features