Customizable Advanced Corporate Module

Advanced Corporate Module is specially designed to offer scalable and customizable module to manage out of box print ordering needs of corporates or franchisee networks. It has all inbuilt features of Standard B2B with further flexibility to integrate third party tools, customizations, external and internal databases, dynamic profiles, split shipment, and lot more…

Advanced B2B Key Features Embedded with Standard B2B Features


Flexible to specially design module or develop new modules

Multilayer ordering and approval process

Corporate specific customizations to offer high end experience

Custom Reports

Can create custom reports as required by PSP and corporates


Options to integrate third party design tools and technology

Dynamic Profiles

Manage complex profiles to auto fill complex templates

Split Shipping

To ship products to multiple location

External & Internal Database Integration

Data population from external databases

Rule based Template Personalization

Create Complex rule based templates

Standard B2B Features

Corporate Branded Store Front

Offer unlimited personalized store fronts designed as per corporates unique needs

  • Standard Profile
  • Personalized landing pages
  • Role based access
  • Special products & pricing

Department / Branch Management

Corporate can create franchisees or branches and define rules for order, budget control and lot more.

  • Store/Branch Profile
  • Department specific products and templates
  • Multi-level Rule based Approval & Access
  • Budget Control
  • Department/Branch wise Reports
  • Kit Products for predefined products

HTML based Template Personalization

Create rules on templates to offer profile based personalization depending on location, department

  • Limited personalization to manage branding
  • User/Store Profile based personalization
  • Multiple rules to manage complex personalization
  • Mass template personalization
  • Integrate Address book
HTML based Template Personalization

Corporate Admin

Gives control to corporate admin to manage and monitor corporate print ordering

  • Role based Corporate Admin rights
  • Dash board and detailed reports
  • Manage customers, departments, orders, templates
  • Set up approval process

Logistics & Payment

Flexibility to manage corporate specific payment and shipping options

  • Inventory Management
  • Split Shipping from Inventory
  • Custom payment & shipping options