Book Module Solution

We are very glad to share that OnPrintShop has developed book module for printers to set booklets as product and offer them to their web store clients. It has a specially designed online calculator to manage various aspects of book printing which includes cover page, inner pages, and file uploads. It also has an option of offering online cover page design.

Book module is available as add-on with license solution.

Objectives of Book Module

  • Give customers freedom to personalize their booklet products online.
  • Customers can select every aspect of booklet product, calculate price, and order it online.
  • Save efforts and improve turnaround time.
  • Increase customer retention with easy online order and reorder option.
  • Use skilled design resources for other important tasks.
  • Create new opportunities and serve a very niche market with existing team and resources.

Flow of Book Module


Key Aspects of Book Module

As mentioned above the booklet module can be used as independent store as well as add-on with license solution.

On frontend, when customer select Book Product – system will display Book product details page which contains few sections like,

  1. Product description & Image gallery
  2. Calculator (The specially designed price calculator will calculate booklet printing cost based on various additional options selected for the product by the customer.)
    • Upload content/inner page control
    • Selection of other options like Cover Upload, Cover Design which further follows their own page controls.
  3. book product -1 upload inner content pages - 2

    Now based on options shown under section “What you would like to do” customers can select a design template and personalize it, start with blank canvas & create own cover design, upload cover design or select No cover.

    create own cover design - 3 upload files - book products- full color booklet demo -4

    The entire Book product is configurable from admin panel. There are various important settings specific to Book product available for admin to configure based on need using admin panel like Enable color pages or not, give separate labels/titles for B/W and Color pages and what customer would like to do.

    5 6

    Booklet price interface of admin allows to set separate price for B/W and Color pages and calculator will do the calculation accordingly.


    Along with booklet product you can configure other additional options in a Group view in calculator as well as can be defined like applicable for all pages or B/W pages or color pages.

    Binding Options, Book Details, Cover Information, Paper Information etc.